So Many New Documents! CD13 and HPOA Emails, Arts District BID Shenanigans, Miranda Paster In The Ivory Tower, Carol Schatz’s Pet Baby BID Gets Audited, Venice Beach BID And The State Of California!!

Deputy Dan Halden thinking about breakfast with Kerry and the boys at the Brite Spot. If you don’t want to be depicted as a cartoon, stop acting like a cartoon. It’s that simple.
Good Lord, there’s too much to describe, but this is a rich, rich set of documents. I spent more than two hours at City Hall this morning scanning this nonsense, and here it is, in the rawest possible form. There are gems in that mine, friends, but until I have time, you’ll have to scratch them out your own self. For now they’re all up on our Archive.Org account. There’s stuff about the Venice Beach BID, and Carol Schatz‘s lil baby, the Downtown Center BID got audited in 2013, Daniel Halden and Kerry H. Morrison are up to their usual dimwitted antics, Miranda Paster collaborated on a grant with a bunch of longhair sociologists at TAMU, and the freaking Arts District freaking redux!! Here’s a list with links and brief descriptions:

  • California State Parks and Venice Beach BID materials — If you’ve been following the story, you may remember that most of Venice Beach belongs to the state of California and is under some kind of perpetual lease to the City. Thus they had to negotiate in order to get Holly Wolcott the right to sign their confounded ballots. Here are emails between State Parks dude Craig Rap, Debbie Dyner Harris, Miranda Paster, and shadowy BID consultant Tara Devine.
  • Emails between CD13 and the Hollywood Property Owners Alliance — The dates are unspecific because Mitch O’Farrell is losing his shit with respect to CPRA. Sorry, friends! Mostly junk, a few gems. Find them yourself or wait a few days and see them written about here.
  • DCBID 2013 audit materials — The Downtown Center BID got audited in 2013; I’m still not sure why. This is a draft of the audit report, some tax forms, and a whining letter from DCBID honcho-man Jeff Chodorow, calmly explaining to the auditor that NO FAIR!!!!
  • Hundreds of pages of emails about the Arts District rebellion — Read the background here in this old post. These emails fill out the story more, but not all the way because the freaking clerk staff didn’t give me copies of most of the attachments like they were supposed to do. I’m working on it!
  • Grant Proposal to study BIDs in LA from a bunch of TAMU urbanists — They signed Miranda Paster up as a collaborator. If you want to see why professors need tenure, read the email chain where Miranda Paster asks Holly Wolcott if she’s allowed to do it and Holly Wolcott starts sputtering.

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