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Our namesake:1
You can read the story of our namesake, Michael Kohlhaas, here. Perhaps you’ll find it enlightening.

At the same time another equally praiseworthy feeling began to take ever deeper root in him as he rode along and heard, wherever he stopped, of the daily injustices committed at Tronka Castle against travellers: a feeling that if the whole affair had been deliberately preconceived, as it certainly appeared to have been, it was now his duty to the world at large to exert all his powers in securing redress for the wrongs already perpetrated and protection for his fellow citizens against such wrongs in the future.

More or less the truth I guess about who we are:

Just a guy who thinks it might be possible for the City of Los Angeles to have a government that treats every single human being equally. Zillionaire, homeless, and everyone in between. Till that can be arranged I’m going to be as mean as I possibly can to everyone who thrives and grows fat on the blood of their fellow humans and drink their tears and laugh at their anger and their shame and invite you, my readers, to join me as we dance with wild abandon round the bonfire of their white supremacist vanities. L’Chaim!

A bunch of made-up utility-outlived nonsense put here in the past to troll adverse lawyers, at which it was surprisingly effective:

We are a loosely organized collective of people who are interested in the operations of business improvement districts in Los Angeles. When we started the blog in 2014 we concentrated on three of the four Hollywood area Business Improvement Districts: The Hollywood Entertainment District BID, The Hollywood Media District BID, and the Sunset and Vine BID, but we soon learned that it’s not really possible to understand them in isolation, so now we study all the BIDs in the City. For the most part, we explore the intersections of these shadowy creatures of private power with the fresh clean sunlight of the res publica of Los Angeles and share the results here with you, our beloved readers.

Kohlhaas is our beloved sysadmin, wordpress wonk, and commentator-at-large. He’s probably more intemperate than the rest of us and, for that reason, we put his name on our group-written posts. He doesn’t get out much.

Mike is the nom de reseau of an intrepid correspondent who covers these three Hollywood area BIDs by attending meetings, making public records requests, and so on. For reasons we don’t question he is willing to let his real name be used in public for matters such as these. If you’ve been at a meeting you may have met him.

Trina adds about 45% of the snark to the “Kohlhaas” posts. She also does image and video processing for us. She hasn’t written under her own name yet, but soon she is will gonna!

  1. This bit here is really the only true thing on this page as long as you define “truth” properly. And we do.
  2. This stuff is mostly made up, but we’re just keeping it here for historical interest and because we know for a fact that it made Kerry Morrison and her lawyers uneasy on at least one occasion.

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