There Is At Least One Substantial Way In Which Slavering Psychopath Mark Ryavec Is Not Like Donald Trump And That Is That We Have His Freaking Tax Returns

Something is happening and you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?
This has nothing much at all to do with businesss improvement districts, but it’s Saturday night and I just felt like laying some Form 990s on you. These five beauties are from slavering psychopath Mark Ryavec’s agressively moronic Venice-based gang of subliterate meatheads, known to the mundane world as the Venice Stakeholders Association. They are available here on Archive.Org for your reading and researchical pleasure.

These items are interesting for any number of reasons. One is that they show that the VSA is not just a vision of sugar plums dancing ‘neath the fevered brow of Mark Ryavec, but that there are actual real-life other people involved:1 Michael King, Bonnie Felix, Anil Comelo, Robert Feist, Richard Myer(s).2 Had they appeared in another context I’d have been willing to bet that these names were merely selected from the myriad to be found in Ryavec’s floridly diverse collection of multiple personalities, but I don’t know many people, even the really, really, crazy ones, who have a lack of foresight sufficient to cause them to swear under penalty of perjury in a document submitted to the Federal government that the names of their imaginary friends represent real-life actual human beings.3

Another interesting thing is that the forms contain descriptions of accomplishments the VSA deems significant enough to brag about to the Federal government. These have the perhaps unintended effect of revealing both the breadth and the depth of the slavering psychopathy at work out there in the lorn, lost, lamented, former utopia west of Electric Avenue. Selected instances may be found after the break.

  • 2010 — Filed a lawsuit against the California Coastal Commission after it denied a coastal development permit for overnight restricted parking for residents of Venice.
  • 2011 — Reimbursement for attorney’s fees by the City of Los Angeles in a Public Records Act case. — this is interesting, and I will try to track down the CPRA case involved here. As slavering as the psychopathy of this gang might be, we nevertheless fully support their right to access public records, and urge them to spend even more time and money suing the shit out of the City of Los Angeles, which richly deserves such treatment.
  • 2014
    • Filed a lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles and County of Los Angeles for maintaining a dangerous public nuisance along the Venice Beach recreation area. The VSA raised 30,000, retained the law firm of Luna and Glushon, and filed a lawsuit with the objective of forcing the City and County to abate the public nuisance they allowed to develop in the Venice Beach recreation area which constantly threatens residents with trespassing, burlaries, [sic] car vandalism, harassment, excessive noise, and public inebriation, urination and defecation
    • Supported the beach curfew when it appeared that the City would enter into negotiations with the California Coastal Commission that could have resulted in the City agreeing to file for a coastal development permit for the curfew, which opened up the possibility that the curfew would be watered down or voided, the VSA organized a letter and lobbying campaign opposing this the result was that the City Attorney withdrew his offer to negotiate and instead drafted a new version of the curfew ordinance that would better protect the ordinance in the event the Coastal Commission sues the City to invalidate the curfew the VSA also organized a meeting on Boardwalk enforcement between LAPD officials and residents and also with the Los Angeles City Attorney
    • Prepared legal opinion that gives the City greater latitude to remove encampments on sidewalks the opinion, by VSA attorney John Henning, lays out that the City has overreacted to the “Lavan decision” and can indeed remove objects that have been left on sidewalks and parkways for more than 12 hours the opinion also notes that encampments on public property are inherently a threat to public safety and health and that the court specifically gave the City permission to remove them for that reason
    • Chroncled [sic] home invasions and attacks by transients on Venice residents these detailed reports, posted on Venice update, Yo Venice, the VSA website and sent to City decision-makers and the media, graphically underscored the need for more police and actions to stop camping in Venice by transients, who in too many instances are dangerous due to mental illness and/or drug addiction one of the results of this effort is that in early 2015 the Los Angeles Police Department assigned an additional 10 officers to the Venice Beach detail

In closing, I would just like to mention that I heard a rumor that Mark Ryavec is a candidate for the Los Angeles City Council seat soon, God willing, to be vacated by Mike Bonin, a politico who differs from Mark Ryavec mostly in that, even in the throes of his psychopathy, he’s socially adept enough not to slaver excessively. This rumor may even be true. If it is, and if you’re going to vote in CD11, and if you find, for some reason, that you’re tempted to vote the straight slavering psychopath ticket,4 then do it! It’s OK! At this point, in this degenerate state to which the municipal politics of our once and future shining City on a Hill have somehow degenerated, it would count as a victory for sanity and humanity even to force a sitting Councildude into a runoff. That would be a win, friends, and if Mark Ryavec can help get us there, then he can help get us there. Vote with your head, not with your stomach…

ETA: Just to be clear, I’m not recommending that you vote for slavering psychopath Mark Ryavec. Robin Rudisill is also running and all sane people will be voting for her. I just wanted to point out that given the way CD elections in LA work, people voting for slavering psychopathy may, in this instance, be doing the world some good by forcing unslavering psychopath Mike Bonin into a runoff.

Image of Mr. Slavering Psychopathedness himself is clearly fair use via the principal of transformativitudinal sufficiency and beyond that I ain’t saying where it came from or where it’ll turn up next!

  1. Which will be handy when it comes time to prove the elements of the crime of conspiracy. You can’t have a conspiracy with your imaginary friends.
  2. This last fellow’s name appears both ways. I’m guessing one or both versions are typos rather than flouting Occam’s razor by assuming there are two distinct people here with such similar names.
  3. Maybe I just don’t get out enough, and this kind of thing is done all the time.
  4. Like maybe you’re one of the fourteen people in Venice who supported slavering psychopathy on the national level in November. This level was significantly higher in other parts of CD11, by the way. We are looking at you, Pacific Palisades.

One thought on “There Is At Least One Substantial Way In Which Slavering Psychopath Mark Ryavec Is Not Like Donald Trump And That Is That We Have His Freaking Tax Returns”

  1. Please don’t vote for the psychopath to force Bonin into a runoff. Vote for Robin Rudisill to force Bonin into a runoff.

    If you force Bonin into a runoff with a psychopath, it will be like the Republican primaries. We don’t need a re-run of that reality show.

    Rudisill is great. She was the most honest and by far the most effective Chair ever of the Venice NC’s Land Use and Planning Committee. So of course Ryavec added his Trumpian efforts to the developers’ and real estate crowd’s successful putsch to install their own VNC board and, more than incidentally, to oust Rudisill.

    Then a funny thing happened. As soon as they were elected, they showed Ryavec the door. He sent outraged emails calling them all ingrates and fools. He just can’t get no respect, even from his own kind.

    BTW, out of all those lawsuits he’s filed, how many has he won? And how much OPM has he spent achieving this stunning record?

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