Correspondent Followed Out of BID Board Meeting By Crazed Associate of Steve Seyler, Accused of Being “Possessed of an Evil Spirit,” Told He Will Be Prayed For, Jury Still Out on Whether the Law-and-Order Loving Kerry Morrison Tacitly Approves of Menacing Tactics

If you have a problem, like being possessed of an evil spirit, this guy will pray for you.  Now you have two problems.
If you have a problem, like being possessed of an evil spirit, this guy will pray for you. Now you have two problems.
After tonight’s Sunset Vine BID Board Meeting Steve Seyler, Joe Salazar, and the angry guy pictured in this video, who is obviously a close personal friend if not a relative of Seyler’s, blocked the front door of HPOA headquarters so that our correspondent would have had to walk through them to leave. It wasn’t completely obvious that they were waiting there to hassle him, but pacifism über alles is everyone’s motto around here, so he asked Devin Strecker if he could go out the back door and the ever-courtly Strecker walked back there with him and let him out.

More or less proving that he, Seyler, and Salazar had in fact been laying in wait for our correspondent, the guy pictured here ran out after him and accosted him in the parking lot. Our correspondent asked him “do I know you?” Mr. 5150 said “no.” He proceeded to accuse our correspondent of being possessed of an evil spirit (this is literally what he said). It took too long to turn on the camera, so all we captured was this clip of him following way too closely, asking “how did you let it in?” and then repeating “it’s true” over and over again. When our correspondent turned away the angry guy yelled “I’ll be praying for you!” So that happened.

Now, Steve Seyler is famous for advocating for the forcible internment of homeless people because it would make his life easier. He’s also famous for summarizing the BID’s policy towards the homeless population of Hollywood as “…we’re here to help you, you know, blah blah blah blah, please, please, pretty please, and then, you know, ultimately we’re going to put the cuffs on you…” So Steve, how about you do everyone a favor and get your buddy, Mr. 5150, locked up or at least slap the cuffs on him next time you see him acting crazy? It’ll improve everyone’s quality of life. Or maybe you like your historical heroes and role models think a meeting isn’t complete without some thugs in attendance?

And Seyler’s boss, Ms. Kerry Morrison, is famous for obsessive decades long campaigns to bring order to the streets of Hollywood. She’s famous for twisting the entire City government around her finger to enforce her neurotic idea of civility. Famous for being so enraged over disorder on the sidewalks of Hollywood that she sits back while her compatriots violently abuse city officials, and equates street characters with the wrong kind of terrorism while all the while continuing to profit from the right kind of terrorism.

And most of all in this context, she is famous for ganging up with her evil twin sister Carol Schatz to write a letter to Herb Wesson about public meetings:

We are extremely troubled by the tenor and lack of respect that existed at the sidewalk vending community meeting at the Van Nuys City Hall on June 11, 2015.There was no enforcement of decorum by the Chief Legislative Analyst (CLA) staff running the meeting, creating an intimidating environment for anyone who stated concerns or asked questions about the existing proposal. As a result, a number of people who filled out speaker cards chose not to speak and those who did were subjected to harassment.

The next two meetings are being held on June 18 and 25 and must be properly led by people who can control the meeting and there must be sufficient security present.

So her compatriots get catcalled and she wants more security guards at the meeting so that no one’s intimidated? Kerry, we here at are all wondering: Can you take your own advice and create a non-intimidating environment for people who state concerns? Can you keep your hired thugs from blocking public doorways? Is this any kind of priority for you? We’d like to think so, but the jury is out.

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