MK.Org Scoops Freaking Everybody with the Story Behind the Story of Mitch O’Farrell’s Anti-Hollywood-Nightclub Denunciations, Threats, and Posturings

Peter Zarcone, the missing link!
Peter Zarcone, the missing link between Mitch O’Farrell’s press conference and the BID meetings where the plot was hatched
Well, the Los Angeles Times reported yesterday that Mitch O’Farrell, accompanied by LAPD Hollywood Boss-o-Rootie Peter Zarcone, gave a press conference out on the Boulevard explaining that nightclubs are really bad and if they break the laws, they’re going to be treated like homeless people and subjected to laser-focused nit-picksy iron-fisted enforcement. And the Weekly reported the same story but with much saucier photographs. O’Farrell even used the motherfricking Q-word:

This culture is diminishing the quality of life for people who live here and we are determined to bring them into compliance or shut them down.

Pro-tip: Whenever anyone ever under any circumstances in any official capacity says the Q-word, not only are they lying, but they’re going to be aiming a gun at you quite soon.
 Mitch O'Farrell giving a performative demonstration of the deep folkloric truth that when you have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.
Mitch O’Farrell: The BIDs say “hit!” and he says “How hard?”
But none of these news stories reported on why Mitch is doing this and why he’s doing it now. Long-time readers of this blog will recall exactly where we have heard this nonsense before. That is, only at EVERY freaking BID meeting we’ve ever attended. There was the one where they hated on nightclubs cause their clientele is too dark-skinned and poor and the one where they conspired with Zarcone to institute hyper-enforcement in an effort to get liquor licenses pulled and so on. Mitch isn’t cracking down on nightclubs because anyone who lives in Hollywood cares. He didn’t even ask anyone who lives in Hollywood. This is nothing more than the latest delusional scene in the fevered psychodrama of Kerry Morrison’s and John Tronson’s and jittery little psychopath Carol Massie’s neurotic mental relationships with the wrong kind of people having the wrong kind of fun in public in Hollywood. What they’re saying when Mitch O’Farrell’s mouth is moving is that their ideal Hollywood denizens are white people who spend a lot of money quietly and go home in an orderly manner before midnight. You know, like they have in Minneapolis or something.

Mitch O'Farrell and the BIDding of the BID
Mitch O’Farrell and the BIDding of the BID

Does Mitch’s stand yesterday not seem more like the result of six months of sustained work on the part of the BIDs than some spontaneous initiative of his own, we mean, assuming there’s such a thing as a spontaneous initiative of Mitch O’Farrell’s own? History tells us that Mitch O’Farrell will take on an issue if enough whiny rich people get all up in his face about it. We’ve reported on the whiny-rich-people crusade against Hollywood nightclubs when the Times and, we think, everyone else has completely missed this aspect of the story. Was Mitch yet again speaking with the BID’s voice and their hand all up in the back of his shirt when he gave this press conference? We’ll bet good money that he was. We have document requests out, and will report on the results here, as always, but really, we’re guessing that’s just a formality. You read it here first, friends!

Image of Councildude Mitch about to smack something hard is by LADOT Bike Blog, is available here from their Flickr stream, and is released under the CC BY-NC 2.0 Image of Peter Zarcone is ©2015 Image of ventriloquist is public domain due to being so old. We got it via Wikimedia.


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