Venice Beach BID Still Not Operational Despite The Fact That Their Contract Was Attested More Than Two Months Ago — Mark Sokol Sent Out A Letter, Likely Ghosted By Tara Devine, Two Weeks Ago Begging For Patience And Donations And Offering A Freaking Unmonitored Email Account For Consolation!

It’s been a long, long year for the Venice Beach BID, friends. Last August they had their first hearing but due to generalized arrogance they messed up the process and so the City Attorney called a do-over, which happened last November. For undisclosed reasons it took until June of this year for their administration contract to get signed and as of today they still have not commenced operations.

And evidently the property owners are getting restless out there on the very West side, because on July 31, Mr. Venice Beach himself, Mark Sokol, sent out a letter to the property owners (transcription after the break) begging their forbearance, asking them if they had any office space to donate, and telling them they weren’t going to get any money back even if the BID didn’t start working until freaking December cause that’s the way they roll.

And if you have questions you’re welcome, according to this letter, to send them to even though, and I am not making this up, no one checks that account. Just as an aside, not in the letter, but you may have more luck with or or or or Property owners were also offered a chance to sign up for a mailing list, although signups seem to be closed now. Anyway, there’s a transcription after the break, and I’m not sure what it all means, but it seemed important to publish it.

Venice Beach Property Owners Association
Venice Beach Business Improvement District
July 31, 2017

RE: Venice Beach Business Improvement District — Update

Dear Property Owner:

The BID continues to work towards the launch of the Venice Beach BID services. Thank you very much to everyone who paid their assessments earlier this year. We are receiving a number of common questions and would like to share our answers with you below.

I paid my assessment months ago. Why don’t I see any services? When will I see services?

The BID has not yet received any of your assessments, although we have been assured that a disbursement is in process. Our timeline: the BID received a contract from the City at the end of April, and completed all contractual requirements, including all forms and required insurance, in May 2017. After the City setup the BID account, the BID was allowed to submit an invoice for assessment revenue in mid-June 2017. That invoice has not yet been paid. There are many setup tasks the BID cannot undertake without this funding – leasing space, procuring equipment, staffing, entering into an agreement with one or more clean and safe service providers, etc. The BID has undertaken as many setup tasks as it can without this funding. Once the BID receives funding, it will take another few months of setup activities and contracting to begin services.

I paid a full-year assessment for 2017. If services do not begin until Fall 2017, do I get part of my assessment back?

The BID has been approved for a 5-year period. Any 2017 assessment revenue that is not spent in 2017 will be carried over and used in subsequent years of operation (2018-2021) to provide the same services outlined in the Management District Plan, but with greater frequency and/or intensity.

I have ideas or input I want to share. How can I get involved?

You are welcome to email us at . This is a permanent but as yet unstaffed email account. We check it periodically. Until we have funding and staff, please be patient with our ability to respond to you.

How can I stay informed?

We would like to keep you informed about the BID’s progress, seek input as we proceed and notify you of future board or committee meetings. We do not have email addresses for a majority of property owners. So we may communicate with you more effectively, please sign up for our mailing list:

Subscribe with MailChimp (you may unsubscribe yourself at any time)

Does the BID need help?

Yes, the BID will soon need:

  • ADA-accessible, publicly-accessible meeting space that can accommodate at least 30 people (and preferably more)
  • Approx. 2,500-3,500 SF of permanent office/commercial/light industrial space for clean and safe crews, equipment and office personnel (preferably in a single location, and preferably within the BID boundaries
  • Please email us at if you have any leads for potential meeting or office/crew space.

    The BID will need other services in the future. By joining our e-mail list at you can stay apprised of additional opportunities to help the BID.

    Thank you for your patience – services are coming as soon as possible!


    Mark Sokol

    8 Horizon Avenue
    Venice, CA 90291

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