300-Ish Pages of Estela Lopez’s Emails From The Last Few Months, Including Discussions Of Homelessness, Skid Row NC, Why The Freaking LAPD Doesn’t Bust More Protest Marches Like BIDs Want Them To, Operation Clean Streets, The California Public Records Act, And So On And On And On…

I just recently received a few hundred pages of emails from Estela Lopez, voodoo queen of the Central City East Association, and they are available on Archive.Org and also directly from static storage. Most of it is the unmitigatedly tedious bullshit with which these BIDdies fill their lives and their inboxes, but, as usual, there are a few interesting items. I already wrote the other day about Estela Lopez’s aggressive foray into CPRAlandia, and here are a few other items that are worth looking at individually:

And turn the page for two more examples, and to learn why, which I bet you didn’t even know that they were doing, the LAPD was praying for rain in January!

From: Michael Flanagan <24857@lapd.online>
Sent: Friday, January 20, 2017 12:01 PM
To: Blair Bestin (blair@hdlabid.com); Brian Raboin (rraboin@downtownla.com); Ellen Endo (ellenendo@yahoo.com); Ellen Riotto; Estela Lopez; George Yu; Miguel Vargas (miguel@artsdistrictla.org)
Subject: Upcoming Protests

Hello all,

I hope this email finds you well. I have received numerous inquiries on why we allow people to take over the downtown area during protests. A follow-up question, why doesn’t the Police Department object to these protests and marches. The Chief of Police has taken a stance that we will not object to any First Amendment Rights protests or marches. They are essentially approved before we get them. All we ask is that the permit puller complies with the Bureau of Street Maintenance rules.

You can ensure your constituents that we have more than adequate resources to handle anything in the DTLA. Every entity of the Department is in uniform and at the stand-by. We have hundreds of officers on stand-by in various locations within the Downtown area to respond. I have directed by Senior Lead Officers to patrol your BID area and pay close attention to the vulnerable areas and the BID headquarters especially.

Hopefully, it will continue to rain and the crowds will be small.

If you have any problems, please feel free to call me.

Take care,


Sergeant II Mike Flanagan
Los Angeles Police Department
Officer in Charge
Senior Lead Officer and Community Relations Unit
Central Area
(213) 486-1164 (Office)
(213) 793-0735 (Cell)
(213) 489-7534 (Fax)
Follow on Twitter: @SgtFlanaganLAPD

Image of Estela Lopez as the evil queen of Skid Row is a deep transmogrification of a screenshot from this YouTube tutorial on how to dress up like Estela Lopez at your next Halloween party, and it, due to the extensive artistical reworkings imposed upon it by our basement full of captive artistical gnomes, is now ©2017 MichaelKohlhaas.Org.


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