That Time in 2012 When Kerry Morrison’s OCD Street Character Rage Incited Rabid, Frothing-at-Mouth Angry White Property Owning “Bull[ies]” to Attack Jane Ellison Usher and Tamar Galatzan with “Repeated Kicks to the Head”

Kerry Morrison in 2012 explaining to Jane Ellison Usher why it's so important to get rid of street characters in Hollywood.
Kerry Morrison in 2012 explaining to Jane Ellison Usher why it’s so important to get rid of street characters in Hollywood.
Last month we broke the story of Kerry Morrison’s insistence that street characters on Hollywood Blvd. must be outlawed to curb terrorism while carving out a performative exception for the Ku Klux Klan’s Hancock Park operations. One of the incidents described there was a terse summary from HPOA Board minutes about how some meeting was tense because the City Attorney’s office had “…dropped the ball…” and they walked out of the meeting (due to shame or something).
Jane Ellison Usher in May 2009, three years before the HPOA's receiving repeated kicks to the head from Kerry Morrison and bullying friends
Jane Ellison Usher in May 2009, three years before receiving “repeated kicks to the head” from Kerry Morrison and “bully[ing]” friends.
Well, we recognize a whitewashing when presented with one, so we directed our faithful correspondent to investigate further, and, with the assistance of ever-helpful Mike Dundas of the City Attorney’s office, he came up with this little gem right here, which is an email from Special Assistant City Attorney Jane Ellison Usher1 to Kerry Morrison, Joe Mariani, and Leron Gubler, taking them to task for allowing their psychotic crazed white property owner constituents to berate Ms. Usher and her colleague Tamar Galatzan2 over a perceived, albeit delusionally so, inaction with respect to the TERRORISM street character problem at Hollywood and Highland. Ms. Usher’s description is far, far more plausible than that of the anonymous minutes-taker quoted above and far, far less flattering to the crazed HPOA-ites than is their own description. In particular:

…your guests took turns berating Tamar, me, and the City Attorney’s Office. Initially, I tried to bring the discussion back to the topic of our task force options. Later in the meeting, Captain Girmala again tried to refocus those around the table.3 Your guests wrongfully accused Tamar of bungling their “perfect” task force case, which I learned on my return to City Hall was instead a Hollywood & Highland shoplifting matter not assigned to Tamar. Ultimately, your guests added their final drop of fuel to the fire by stating that an absent invitee, Shaul Kuba, had just weighed in by phone to send his regrets and to add that he too wanted to express his dissatisfaction with the City Attorney’s Office.

Who better to corral this out-of-control meeting than those who invited us?4 But it never happened. I left the gathering early, clear-headed in my sensibility that repeated kicks to the head don’t advantage the bully or the victim. The ball is now squarely back in your court.


Of course, this is the same Kerry Morrison who, just two years before this meeting took place was equating the elimination of street characters from Hollywood with “Restoring Civil Behavior to Hollywood’s Sidewalks.” The same Kerry Morrison who, just three years after this meeting took place was bitching and moaning about people being rude to her and her friends at a meeting. The same Kerry Morrison who, along with her abominable buddy the zillion dollar woman, wrote an outraged letter to Herb Wesson stating that meetings with rude people must “…be properly led by people who can control the meeting and there must be sufficient security present.” The same Kerry Morrison who failed to control her own meeting with Usher and Galatzan and evidently didn’t have sufficient security present.

The same Kerry Morrison the depth of whose hypocrisy seems not only unplumbed but unplumbable. The same Kerry Morrison who seems, at least on the strength of the documentary evidence presented here, never to have even replied to Ms. Usher’s email to apologize or even to acknowledge.5 And it’s not like we just didn’t get replies. Included in the email chain is a message from one Cindy Chong of rogue real estate developers CIM Group. If even the super-villians can feel shame then how shameful are those who aren’t ashamed? Civility starts at home, HPOA-ites!

Image of street fighting woman Kerry Morrison is freely licensed by its creator and came to us via Wikimedia. Image of Jane Ellison Usher is a screenshot from this video and appears here under a claim of fair use.

  1. Yes, that Jane Ellison Usher.
  2. Yes, that Tamar Galatzan.
  3. Things are really out of hand when Bea Girmala is a voice of sanity and reason.
  4. That would be Kerry Morrison, Joe Mariani, and Leron Gubler.
  5. Mike is still seeking information on this, but so far, if Kerry Morrison did reply, no one seems to have saved a copy.

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