Kerry Morrison Pisses, Moans about Inefficiency of Feds, Runs Crying to Mommy State

The SSA building on Vine Street; a soft target?
The SSA building on Vine Street; a soft target?
Listen here as Kerry Morrison, at the November 11, 2014, meeting of the Central Hollywood Coalition, bosses of the Sunset-Vine Business Improvement District, discusses what is to be done about the Social Security Administration building on Vine Street above Santa Monica Blvd:
Kerry Morrison: So…um…just in terms of solving a couple stakeholders’ requests we, we’ve been getting a lot of…um…complaints about people gathering around the Social Security building on Vine Street. It’s a rather unsecured building after six o’clock…um…and there’s been…if you drive by there you see it, especially on the weekends, people sleeping in the parking lot…
Unidentified Interlocutor: And it’s in the BID?
Kerry Morrison: And it’s in the BID, on Vine Street, so it’s south of…um…Picture Head…
Unidentified Interlocutors: [interrupting] [something unintelligible about the surplus store] Kerry Morrison: So we met with…um…the owner of the building and the federal police? And general services department and the Social Security folks and our BID security to just do some problem solving on how to harden the target [unintelligible] Kind of a, you know, a lack of mobility of the federal government to really secure that building…uh…[unintelligible] They say they don’t have the money to put in a fence, or and the federal police work Monday through Friday from nine to five and they’re supposed to be the ones who are patrolling that property but they’re off [unintelligible]… So, um, we’re kinda [unintelligible] a little bit frustrated because it’s kinda become a, a bit of a drain on our resources and…um…the owner of the building had a great idea, he would like to reach out to our congressional representatives and maybe they have some pull with the federal bureaucracy. So [unintelligible] reached out to congressman Adam Schiff’s office and immediately they jumped all over it, said we should have been in that meeting too, you know, we can help you with the general services department, so we’re gonna write a letter, kind of outline what our issues are, and see if we get some help with that…

Adam Schiff, congressional representative of the good-mommy-state in his good-mommy makeup
Adam Schiff, congressional representative of the good-mommy-state (in his good-mommy makeup)
Maybe this is an example of the “lack of mobility” of the “federal bureacracy,” sure. Or maybe it’s an example of the fact that sane people don’t actually care if some homeless people sleep in an unused parking lot on the weekends or “gather” around a public building so you can see them when you drive by. Even insane people mostly don’t care.

Maybe it’s a case of “federal police” (if there is such a thing; this is the first we’ve heard the term) only working “nine to five,” or maybe it’s a case of people who have actual work to do not having time to worry about trivialities.

Must get home at five...slip into something comfortable...Clyde will have the cold martinis waiting!
Must get home at five…slip into something comfortable…Clyde will have cold martinis waiting!
In any case, Kerry, we’re glad Adam Schiff can help you turn these people out of their parking lot so that your “stakeholders” can have their requests solved and no one has to look at the gathered people. We’re super-glad he has time to work on such a pressing issue rather than whatever it is congresspeople usually do. We’re super-duper-glad to see businessfolks solving their own problems through not-lacking-in-mobility private enterprise. Calling your congressdude rather than relying on “the federal bureacracy?” You go, girl!

Image of SSA building is ©2014 Image of Adam Schiff is in public domain by right of conquest because it’s work of an employee of the “federal bureacracy” created in the course of performance of official duties (at least what they manage to get done despite their “lack of mobility” and only “work[ing] nine to five.”) Image of the old queen Himself is public domain for the same reason and we have, as can you, obtained it through the gracious courtesy of the Wikimedia foundation here.


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