Mitch O’Farrell Introduced A Motion To Put A Homeless Shelter In The Hollywood Recreation Center At Lexington And Cole — Heroic Activist Org KTown For All Rightly Wonders If This Will Lead To Intensified Enforcement Of Anti-Homeless Laws Around The Park — Which Seems Likely To Me Given CD13’s Appalling Deference To The Well-Organized Unhinged Local NIMBY Psychopaths — Who Would Have To Have Been Placated Before The Motion — This Klown Kar Krew Includes Kanye Producer Anthony Kilhoffer — Who Threatened Sean Starkey With Vigilante Action If The City Didn’t Get Rid Of The Unhoused Human Beings — “If it’s not handled in a week I’ll go through [throw] them out myself”

The Los Angeles City Council Homelessness and Poverty Committee met today, October 8, 2020 and considered, among other things, a Mitch O’Farrell motion to use the Hollywood Recreation Center as interim housing for the homeless. The incomparable Ktown for All livetweeted the meeting and raised the possibility that O’Farrell would use such housing as an excuse for enhanced enforcement of anti-homeless laws in the vicinity.

This is not a baseless fear. Councilmembers universally try to gain the approval of unhinged anti-shelter housedwellers by promising intensified criminalization of homelessness. O’Farrell did precisely that in 2018 with the Hollywood Bridge Housing project, for instance.

Also, the Hollywood Rec center is gang turf, claimed by a particularly violent crew of absolutely genocidal NIMBYs who continually threaten to attack homeless encampments near the park. This deranged mob is led by weirdo Kanye West producer Anthony Kilhoffer, who owns a rental property at 1149 Cole Avenue, directly across the street from the Rec Center.

We first met Kilhoffer in 2019 when he was emailing incoherent violence-drenched rants to O’Farrell flunky Dan Halden about methamphetamine, human shit, and the effect of homeless human beings on the value of his rental property. Halden was appallingly deferential and arranged for any number of sweeps of the encampment. Meanwhile, Kilhoffer flipped out about my post and threatened me with legal action.

He apparently also complained to Halden about my making fun of him on the internet, because very soon after the post Halden, with the connivance of some flacks over at the City Attorney’s Office, came up with a brand-new exemption to the California Public Records Act based on the catch-all exemption, Section 6255(a).

CD13 claims that this allows them to redact the names of members of the public who contact O’Farrell’s office because, they says, to allow them to be mocked by name on the internet would create a chilling effect with respect to communications with CD13 and there is, they claim, an overriding public interest in not doing that. Which is ridiculous for any number of reasons, not least of which is that other City offices will release such emails unredacted.

Which is how I came to have a copy of this 2019 email chain involving Kilhoffer, a bunch of his fellow Hollywood housedwellers, Dan Halden, Steve Houchin,1 and assorted cops and City staffers. And the intensity of the anger and dishonesty on display here is not only astonishing, it also makes it seem pretty likely that before introducing such a motion, O’Farrell’s staff would reach out to placate these genocidal NIMBYs.

And the only way to placate them, at least the only way CD13 ever placates such people, is by promising more frequent and more violent enforcement of anti-homeless laws around the Park. I don’t have proof yet that that’s what happened, but I’m working on it. Meanwhile, read on for transcriptions of selected Kilhoffer ravings and some brief2 commentary!

December 18, 2019 — Anthony Kilhoffer threatens vigilante action — Do we need to add any more city officials to this email chain? This needs to be handled ASAP before it becomes a full fledge [sic] encampment and like last year. If it’s not handled in a week I’ll go through [sic] them out myself. Anthony. Sent from my iPhone.

December 18, 2019 — Anthony Kilhoffer lies about living on Cole Avenue among other distasteful actions — Gordon, Susan, and myself all live on Cole Avenue across from the Hollywood Rec. Center. In 2016&2017 [sic] we lived with junkie encampment [sic] in and around the Hollywood Rec. Center. In Jan 2018 the encampment was removed. Now the encampments are starting to pop back up. I really want to say [sic/ on top of this. I don’t want another encampment of junkies springing up at the Hollwyod Rec. Center like there was in 2016-17.

It’s worth saying a little bit about the lie here. In the emails that were the basis of my first post about Kilhoffer he said explicitly that he and his wife Amy Taylor lived at 1149 Cole Avenue from 2007 through 2012 and that they subsequently rented it out. The Cole Avenue property is listed as a rental. Also in 2012 Kilhoffer and spouse bought 12002 Laurel Terrace Drive in Studio City.3 Here’s a copy of the grant deed.

This is the entirety of the evidence upon which I based my claim that Kilhoffer lied when he said he lives on Cole Avenue. He doesn’t. He lives in Studio City and rents out the property on Cole. He hates homeless encampments because they affect his property rental business. Probably he knows that such opinions reveal his psychopathy to the world is why he pretends to still live there, although who really knows why psychopaths lie?

And, just as before, despite Kilhoffer’s violent madness, CD13 is completely deferential. Hollywood field deputy Sean Starkey got back to him right away and told him that the Hollywood CORE Team would visit the encampment the next day. CORE teams are LAPD encampment sweep teams, so he’s telling Kilhoffer that they’ll get the encampment moved. Incidentally, Starkey also spelled the famous Cory Palka’s last name “Polka”, which is cute!

I don’t know yet what happened after that, but somewhere along the way O’Farrell decided that it was politically safe for him to propose a shelter in the Rec Center. He must have known to get Kilhoffer on board first, and, like I said, the only way I’ve ever seen CD13 convince angry housedwellers to accept shelters is by offering intense enforcement of anti-homeless laws, just as KTown for All fears.

  1. Formerly and maybe still Hollywood Neighborhood Prosecutor.
  2. Yeah, right!
  3. 91604.

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