Ten Years Of San Pedro BID Minutes And Agendas Now Available

Yesterday San Pedro BID Executive Directrix Lorena Parker was kind enough to send me minutes and agendas of the BID’s Board of Directors and its Marketing Committee from 2008 through the present. These are now available on Archive.Org to pique and sate your prurient and scholarly interest. These are mostly available as both MS Word documents and as PDFs. There is a ton of duplication for whatever reason, and I didn’t try to eliminate it. Also, I changed all the filenames by prepending the year to force rational sorting. I did not do the same for the months. Anyway, happy reading!

Image of once and future president of the San Pedro Historic Waterfront BID, Mr. Eric Eisenberg, is ©2017 MichaelKohlhaas.Org and is based upon this fairly surreal image right here. If you’re desperately wondering what the heck he’s talking about in the cartoon, take a look at the Rifleman’s Creed.


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