Street Photographer Shawn Nee Completely Settles Case Against LAPD, City Of Los Angeles, For Interfering With His Right To Photograph Police, Terms Apparently Not Yet Released

Perhaps you recall that Los Angeles based street photographer Shawn Nee filed suit against the City and the LAPD for preventing him from freely photographing the police. Well, it turns out that, last week, the case was completely settled. The terms of the settlement do not yet seem to be public, but two documents did show up on PACER confirming the settlement. Turn the page for links and descriptions.

  • April 25, 2017 mediation report — The mediator announces to the court that the case was fully settled on April 25.
  • Joint notice of full settlement — A report from the parties to the court announcing that the case is fully settled and asking for a status conference with the court in 90 days to finalize the documents.

Neither of these items says word one about the terms of the settlement, and the Google is silent as well. So I guess there’s nothing for it but to wait. Note also that I have collected much of the paperwork from the case if you’re interested in reading e.g. the initial complaint and stuff.


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