Tons of New Documents: Gateway To LA BID Emails And Minutes, Also South Los Angeles Industrial Tract Minutes

This is just a brief note to announce the publication of a bunch of stuff from the Gateway to LA BID out by the Airport. Its executive director, Laurie Hughes, is a pleasure to work with. She’s calm, professional, has read the law, and abides by it. She and Mr. Mike Russell of the Wilshire Center are absolutely the two best BIDdies to work with when it comes to CPRA. There are also some minutes from the SLAIT BID. But enough fuzzies, and on to the goodies!

First, from the South Los Angeles Industrial Tract, we have Board meeting minutes from 2007 through Feb. 2016. I have a request out for the more recent ones, and look for them here soon.1 Much more importantly, as I mentioned above, Ms. Laurie Hughes has just recently provided me with a ton of emails and Board minutes, and you can find links and descriptions after the break.

  1. Also, I apologize for not keeping the menu up to date. At some point soon I will put links to the Archive.Org collections there as a finding aid. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check both places if you’re looking for something specific.
  2. Note that she supplies these to me as .msg files, which are evidently some kind of native Outlook format. Normal email clients don’t like them, but there is a lovely little CLI tool called msgconvert which turns them all into .eml files, which can then be imported into Thunderbird, where they can be profitably dealt with. I converted them to PDFs for ease of reading, and also uploaded the .eml files to the Archive so you can get attachments if you need them. If you have trouble getting the attachments or if you need the original .msg files, please get in touch.
  3. Look for the one about Eugene Van Cise’s bicycle, e.g.

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