The Homeless Industrial Complex: How CIM Group, Monica Yamada, Kerry Morrison, Steve Seyler, And Their Assorted Minions And Cronies Eat What They Kill In Hollywood And Beyond

Monica Yamada, president of the HPOA and principal of the organized criminal conspiracy known as the CIM Group, plotting with unindicted co-conspirators late last week.
Monica Yamada, president of the HPOA and principal of the organized criminal conspiracy known as the CIM Group, plotting with unindicted co-conspirators late last week.
This morning’s L.A. Times features an excellent story about how CIM Group defrauds its tenants in poverty-stricken but gentrifying areas of the City, telling them that they’re about to be evicted and offering them small amounts of money to sign releases. Of course, in Los Angeles, most low-cost rental units are covered by rent control laws which give these tenants significant protections which they don’t know about. CIM Group takes significant and soon-to-be-illegal advantage of this ignorance.

CIM Group is famous for its criminal behavior, which has shown no sign of slowing down.1 This latest revelation won’t surprise anyone who’s paying attention. And remember that gentrification creates homelessness, and evictions create homelessness. In short, CIM Group creates homelessness. Monica Yamada creates homelessness. And they make a lot of money by making people homeless.

But these homeless people don’t go to waste, no. Some of them end up in Hollywood, where they generate a great deal of economic activity. They don’t share in the wealth they create, but that’s no surprise. First, they end up as the the subject of arrests and other interventions by Steve Seyler and his cheerful gang of good-will ambassadors. Those boys2 earn $1.5 million per year dealing with these homeless people. No homeless people, no $1.5 million.

The arithmetic is pretty simple. Monica Yamada and her CIM Group friends earn a lot of money creating homeless people, and after they’ve bled them dry, they pass them off to the BID Patrol so they can earn their share. And the total’s not just high, the rate is super-high. Her methodology is bat-shit insane, but we suppose Kerry Morrison can count.3 So anyway, in June 2015 she counted 295 homeless people in her two BIDs. This number is almost certainly inflated for improper purposes, but let’s give it to Ms. Kerry. It works out to $5,084.75 per homeless person that Steve and friends are earning per annum. Not bad work if you can get it. Truly the BID Patrol has a lot to thank Ms. Monica Yamada and CIM Group for!

And Kerry and Co. are not done turning homeless people into money. After they arrest them a bunch of times, if they’re still around, they start to see them as mentally ill. Steve Seyler, in particular, is famous for confusing the bare fact of getting arrested a lot with being eligible for involuntary mental health treatment. So how does Kerry get paid from this? Well, this year she has a $100,000 fellowship from some charity to do some charitable shit with mentally ill homeless people. Also we heard a rumor4 that she got the same fellowship in 2006 to do other charitable shit with (presumably) other mentally ill homeless people.

She’s also earned more than $3,000,000 over the last 20 years playing Mother Teresa on Hollywood Boulevard for the HPOA. Her main duty (after illegally lobbying City officials, often about homelessness, having breakfast with Dan Halden, and general blue-nosed whimpering) seems to involve yammering on about how much she cares about homeless issues and also meeting with various government agencies as if she knew something about homelessness. Essentially that’s what the HPOA is paying her for at this point. And if there were no homeless people in Hollywood? No $3,000,000 for Kerry Morrison. Truly, Kerry Morrison has a lot to thank Monica Yamada and CIM Group for!

This, friends, is how the homeless-industrial complex works. CIM prepares the raw material and makes a zillion bucks out of real estate. The BID Patrol arrests homeless people over and over again at and makes a zillion5 every year from it. Then after they get arrested sufficiently many times, they’re seen to be crazy and Kerry Morrison earns a zillion bucks getting grants and working with the County to get them 5150ed out of sight. Then they get an apartment through some program and the whole thing can begin again. Truly, the homeless-industrial complex is efficient. They may kill a lot of homeless people,6 but at least they eat what they kill.

Surveillance image of Monica Yamada is ©2016

  1. Although there is one (we suppose it is, anyway) redeeming quality of CIM Group. They read this blog!! Hi Monica!! Hi Avi!!! Hi Shaul!!!!
  2. There are some girls amongst them, but they’re all one of the boys!
  3. This is not a foregone conclusion, as she once added 63 + 27 on the public internet and got 100, but we’re trying to be charitable.
  4. Which we have been unable to confirm in five minutes with Google.
  5. OK, just a million and a half.
  6. Metaphorically only, as far as we know.

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