Deputy Chief Beatrice Girmala Reads This Blog!!! And Pete Zarcone and Some State Department Anti-Terrorist Hack Engage in Homosocial Bonding by Insulting Bill Farrar!! NO GIRLZ ALLOWD!!

Between them, Girmala and Seyler account for 64% of the hits on this blog!
Between them, Girmala and Seyler account for 64% of the hits on this blog!
This morning our faithful correspondent rode the good old Red Line to the South, to the East, to the Civic Center, to the good old LAPD Discovery Section, where he was privileged to scan maybe a thousand pages of emails between various LAPD luminaries and the BIDs. There’s some serious and important stuff in there, and you’ll be reading about a lot of it here. But there’s also some silly stuff, and we’re breaking out a couple of the goofiest for you here tonight.
Valorie Keegan and Tom LaBonge in 2008, before this blog was even a gleam in Mike's eye... which is why they can afford to laugh!
Valorie Keegan and Tom LaBonge in 2008, before this blog was even a gleam in Mike’s eye… which is why they can afford to laugh!
First we have this little gem, where some lady named Valorie Keegan, who is the current vice chair of the Hollywood Police Advisory Board but beyond that even the Google doesn’t seem to know exactly what she does, emails a link to our humble blog straight to LAPD Deputy Chief Beatrice Girmala! And which article is it a link to? It’s this old crowd pleaser about Pete Zarcone and the appearance of corruption at the LAPD. Valorie even admits that our conclusion is true. How’s that for validation from the top?! Chief Bea didn’t seem to have much to say back to Valorie, but if you look at the detailed summary at the top of the email, you’ll see that Chief Bea forwarded the email to someone. Our next task? Find out who! Maybe our readership isn’t 92% Kerry Morrison and her lawyers. Maybe we’re a big hit over at 100 W. First Street as well!

And then there’s this meaty little slab of boys-will-be-boys. It seems that a girl made it into the State Department, despite the large handpainted “NO GURLZ ALLOWD” sign nailed to the bottom of the tree. She emailed Captain Pete and a bunch of other boyz thusly:


Please see the attached document containing the U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Service 2015 domestic threat assessment for the Los Angeles Turkish Consul General. This document is not for external dissemination. For intel related questions please contact Special Agent J. Edgar Hoover III1

See how she’s gotta be all serious and professional? She can’t say “dear all” cause it might give them ideas. she can’t joke around at all cause that also might give them ideas. Anyway, Pete reply-alled her back to thank her, very serious, very professional, cause it’s reply-all. But then Garth Pettijohn, one of the boyz, emailed just Pete, stating:

Bill Farrar says bad things about you.

Pete’s been around the boyz locker room before, though. A bald fellow like him wouldn’t never rise up so far in the boyzierarchy of the LAPD if he didn’t know how to laugh at towel-snaps and wedgies:

Can’t please everybody!

And Garth Pettijohn has the last word in boy-banter:

And it’s Farrar, so who really cares??

Who really cares indeed? As long as the boyz are still in charge over at the LAPD and the State Department. NO GIRLZ ALOUD indeed!

Good times, friends! It’s definitely silly season here at We’ll be back to the hard-hitting dead-serious straight faces first thing tomorrow morning, never you fear.

Images are all public records. The picture of Valorie Keegan and Tom LaBonge came from here, and the astute reader will note that they do assert a copyright in the image. But of course, this was years before federal judge Michael Fitzgerald handed the City of Inglewood its own head back on a silver platter for trying to assert copyright in public records. Same thing’s going on here, friends.

  1. Not really…just seeing are you paying attention? You can get the guy’s name from the actual email.

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