Kerry Morrison Confessed to a Crime in the Pages of the LA Weekly in 2011 but Remained Unarrested by the BID Patrol

Kerry Morrison in 2010 explaining to a homeless man why she's allowed to sit on the sidewalk but he isn't.
Kerry Morrison in 2010 explaining to a homeless man why she’s allowed to sit on the sidewalk but he isn’t.
In 2011 the Andrews International BID Patrol arrested 103 people in Hollywood for violating the despicable LAMC 41.18(d), which, truly truly, outlaws sitting on the sidewalk in the absence of a parade. We have written oh so many times about how the BID Patrol does not arrest non-homeless violators of this law, and how this selective enforcement is particularly egregious in the case of the Hollywood Farmers’ Market. Well, imagine then, our surprise to read in an L.A. Weekly article from January 2011, our own Kerry Morrison, discussing how, even though she does not live in Hollywood at all and is probably far more at home at the Larchmont Market, held for some reason only zillionaires can grok at the same time as the Hollywood one, she thinks people who do live in Hollywood are a bunch of zombie NIMBYs from Hell cause they didn’t want to move the iconic Hollywood Farmers’ Market to some random parking lot due to the toys-from-pram whinging of the Film School at Sunset and Ivar. The point she seems to be making is that if the Market was moved, there would be more room for everyone and it would be a win-win situation all round, especially if you only ask the zillionaires, which seems to be Kerry’s modus operandi in such matters. Says Kerry, vis-a-vis crowded conditions:

Sometimes I actually have to sit on the curb to eat my pupusa. It seems like there’s so much opportunity for some expansion and breathing room — i don’t personally see how that would affect the urban charm.”

Well, we don’t have time to express a cogent opinion on her arguments or the whole (thankfully moot) kerfluffle about moving the Market, but what a surprise that she cops to sitting on the curb to eat her pupusa (although if we had to bet, we’d bet that she’s just making the whole thing up to demonstrate solidarity with the non-zillionaire non-elite masses or some such manipulative nonsense. She really doesn’t strike anyone who knows her as a cheerfully-curb-sitting pupusa-eater). See, sitting on the curb in the absence of a parade is a freaking crime. By her own admission Kerry Morrison is a criminal. She doesn’t seem to mind confessing to it in print, probably because she’s the BID Patrol’s boss and no one but the BID Patrol arrests people for sidewalk-sitting in Hollywood anymore. Even the LAPD has better things to do, it seems. And out of those 103 people arrested in 2011 by the BID Patrol for sitting on the sidewalk how many of them were named Kerry Morrison? Exactly zero. Too bad the statute of limitations has run out! But it’s never too late to do the right thing, Kerry! Turn yourself in, for the sake of your credibility! Oh, wait! Too late!

Image of Kerry Morrison is an edited version of a public record, obtained for us from the HPOA via the CPRA.


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