Did Sharyn Romano confess to a crime on camera?

Sharyn Romano, Obersturmbannführerin of the Hollywood Beautification Team
Sharyn Romano, Obersturmbannführerin of the Hollywood Beautification Team
Right here you can listen to Sharyn Romano, Obersturmbannführerin of the Hollywood Beautification Team, saying the following words:

And we cleaned up a homeless encampment, a small one, and then…I’m a little hesitant to talk about the homeless encampments and the…five issues where we found homeless belongings in parks that were left there because legally we’re not allowed to touch them and we’re supposed to be walking away from them. My crew didn’t tell me if they did that or not so I assume they walked away. (laughter from audience)

We believe that this constitutes a confession to a crime and urge that Sharyn and her “crew” should be prosecuted post-haste.

We’re not sure what Sharyn means by “legally we’re not allowed,” but it’s possible she’s referring to the Lavan injunction forbidding the City of Los Angeles to remove the belongings of the homeless if they’re not abandoned. The court based this on the 4th and 14th amendments to the constitution. (It’s also worth reading the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit opinion affirming the injunction, which is available here). Although the injunction only covers Skid Row, it’s obvious that the same reasoning would apply anywhere in the city if tested. If this isn’t what Sharyn was referring to, it ought to have been. So we see her giving the distinct impression, on camera, with a wink and a nudge that she’s aware that her employees have violated homeless people’s constitutional rights and have broken the law as she understands it. She pays them and doesn’t ask what they’re up too? Sounds like conspiracy to us.

These BID folks are so entranced by their privilege, their power, so sure that they won’t be prosecuted for their actions, that they don’t even try to hide them. And the BID Board of Directors think this is funny? Surely this is solicitation of a crime, or they’re accessories or something. It’s the very behavior that the Downtown Industrial District BID is currently being sued for in federal court, so certainly the Media District has reason to know it’s illegal and wrong. In any case it’s a crime to take what doesn’t belong to you, even if it’s not attended. Otherwise how would anyone ever park their cars on public streets? Whatever it is, these people are guilty as hell, as mean as snakes, and they brag and laugh about it in public. It’s disgusting.


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