Amicus Briefs Filed In Orange County Catholic Worker Case In Support Of Injunction Against Evictions, Hearing On Tuesday Morning, February 13

For background, see Luke Money‘s excellent coverage in the Times, starting with this January 29 article on the Lawsuit and continuing with this article on the February 13 hearing. You can also download selected pleadings in the case from our Archive.Org site.

Last week Judge Carter issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting Orange County, the City of Anaheim, and anyone else who might be minded to do so from arresting anyone on the bed of the Santa Ana River for trespassing, camping, and similar anti-homeless offenses. Prior to this, on February 4, in the order setting the fast-approaching February 13 hearing1 on the plaintiffs’ original application for a restraining order, Carter invited a broad range of non-parties to appear at Tuesday’s hearing:

The Court also welcomes attendance at the hearing and written briefing by any amicus groups, which may include veterans’ organizations, service providers, abused women’s protection and housing organizations, and other cities affected by the homelessness crisis in Orange County that are not named as Defendants in this case.

Well, beginning last Friday and continuing on through tonight, a number of amicus briefs were filed. You can find a list and links to the actual pleadings after the break. Also, although I’m not really committing myself to covering every aspect of this case, it’s been really interesting so far, so I went ahead and set up a page on the Archive to collect pleadings.

So the next big thing, of course, is Tuesday’s hearing on a restraining order. My guess is that the court will issue such an order. Unfortunately I have other commitments, so cannot attend. I imagine something will hit PACER by Tuesday night and I’ll get it right out to you.

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  1. The hearing is on Tuesday, February 13, 2018, at 8 a.m. in David O. Carter’s court in the Ronald Reagan Federal Building, United States Courthouse, 411 West Fourth Street, Santa Ana, CA, 92701, 9th Floor, Courtroom 9D​.
  2. That part of the application is funny and tragic, as they have to describe in detail how they called all the defense attorneys, who generally wouldn’t answer, and then the defense attorneys objected to their appearance. I’m exaggerating for the sake of drama, by the way. For the most part the defense attorneys did not object or oppose. In fact, it seems that only the City of Orange opposes the ACLU’s appearance, with all other parties not objecting, mostly because the judge invited amici.
  3. Click on that link with severe trepidation, as it’s going to blast you with audio like it was 1994 all over again.

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