New Documents: Los Feliz Village BID Mailing List, Larchmont Village BID Tax Returns, Wilshire Center BID Tax Returns, Transactions, Bylaws

Los Feliz used to be a normal place, and maybe someday it will be again!
Just a quick note to announce a bunch of new materials. Most importantly, the Los Feliz Village BID, in the person of BID boss Rafik Ghazarian, sent me an Excel spreadsheet with mailing addresses for everyone in the BID. Given the months-long, dentaloextractivist-level dramatics created by the City of Los Angeles in the persons of asylum-running lunatics Miranda Paster and Holly Wolcott over e.g. the Venice Beach BID mailing list and the SLAIT BID mailing list,1 this is a surprising and welcome development. It’s especially laudable given that the Los Feliz Village BID has been the target of at least one significant attempt to destroy it, and, given that it’s a merchant-based BID, and thus required to renew each year, will certainly be so yet again.

I also have tax returns from the creepy little apartheid stronghold in South Central Hollywood known to the world as the Larchmont Village BID, as well as a bunch of assorted jive-ass nonsense from Mr. Mike out in Wilshire Center. Turn the page for links and descriptions.

Image of Los Feliz Brown Derby is in the public domain according to an analysis of an astonishing number of technical details by a bunch of neckbearded Wikimedia editors who, honestly, have very little better in their lives to do2 than to sit around Mom’s basement figuring this nonsense out, so I trust them implicitly and you should too and also you can get a copy from them here.

  1. To say nothing of the hitherto-unreported-on-here years long intransigence of the HPOA over their mailing list, presently being litigated, and the fact that the City still has not sent me various other mailing lists, even though I asked for them in freaking August 2016.
  2. The same accusation has been leveled at the staff of this blog many and many a time by our ungrateful victims clients. Their ulteriority is all too obvious.

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