Lobbyist-Loving Ethics Commissioner Ana Dahan Is Out! Also Tons, Scads, Oodles, And Beaucoup De Fashion District BID Emails!

Lobbyist-Loving Erstwhile Los Angeles City Ethics Commissioner Ana Dahan on August 9, 2016.
Lobbyist-Loving Erstwhile Los Angeles City Ethics Commissioner Ana Dahan on August 9, 2016.
Here are a couple unrelated announcements with which to begin another fine, windy weekend.

First, recall that lobbyist-loving ethics commissioner Ana T. Dahan was appointed to the Commission by Eric Garcetti in November 2014 to finish the remainder of a term, and then permanently a year later. Well, according to a report scheduled to be presented by Ethics Commission executive director Heather Holt at Tuesday’s Commission meeting, Ana Dahan has resigned:

We said farewell to Commissioner Dahan this month. She was appointed by Mayor Eric Garcetti in 2014, and we deeply appreciate the time she devoted to the Ethics Commission and her contributions to our enforcement and policy work. We wish her well as she embarks on a new career.

No word yet on her new career, although perhaps it is something to do with lobbying?

Finally, a ton of email from the Fashion District BID, thoughtfully and comprehensively provided to MK.Org by the ever-helpful Rena Masten Leddy. Turn the page for links and some description.

Surveillance photo from Randall Tampa's emails.
Surveillance photo from Randall Tampa’s emails.
These document dumps comprise hundreds of emails from the inboxes of FDBID operations director Randall Tampa and former executive director Kent Smith along with bunches of attachments. They are mostly about street vending, and they are mostly from 2015, but there are all kinds of interesting items here. For now these remain fairly unassimilated into our general theory of BIDs mostly due to lack of time to read all this junk. Let me know if you find anything interesting, and we will be writing on a few items at some point in the nearish future. Meanwhile, get your copies here:

Image of A. T. Dahan is ©2016 MichaelKohlhaas.org. Surveillance photo is a public record.


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