Lavan Case Settlement Likely to Come Before Full LA City Council by End of April 2016

California-centralI reported last December that court filings suggested that Lavan case was likely to be close to settlement (see here for a summary of the issues involved). A Report on the Status of the Settlement Process that hit PACER just now gives more detail. In particular, the settlement agreement is scheduled for the Claims Board on April 11 and is likely to come before the full City Council by the end of April. Get the PDF here or read the important part after the break. You read it here first!

The parties to this action, through their respective counsel, hereby file a status report on the pending settlement in this action. The parties previously advised the Court that the approval process involved four-steps. The tentative settlement is now scheduled to be considered on April 11, 2016 by the Claims Board. The City anticipates that the matter will come before the full Council by the end of April. As the Court may recall, the agreement provides that the settlement, if approved, will not be completed until the next fiscal year, beginning on July 1, 2016.


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