New Seyler Reports to the HPOA Joint Security Committee Now Available, Final Fate of Vine Street Tree Vandal Revealed!

Screenshot of one of tonight's newly obtained reports to the BID Security Committee.
Screenshot of one of tonight’s newly obtained reports to the BID Security Committee.
I suppose I’m pleased to announce that we have a bunch more of big BID boss bully-boy Steve Seyler’s reports to the Joint Security Committee of the two best little BIDsies in Hollywood. I had previously obtained copies of a number of these, but only on paper, making the scans posted here in the past less than useful. Today’s dump brings our collection up to June 2015. These files are PDFs, but they’re more searchable than the previous scans-to-image were. However, and I’m working on this problem, they’re not nearly as searchable as the original .doc files will be when I get them. I’ll let you know. You can look for them here by date or, for your convenience, I made a zip archive of just the new files. Be careful, though, it’s north of 8MB. Some details after the break.

Steve Seyler showing his good side to the camera at the July 9, 2015 meeting of the BID Joint Security Committee meeting.
Steve Seyler feeling the gaze like a vampire feels the sunshine. It burns!
I don’t know how many of you read through all these reports. They’re generally super-tedious, what with Steve continually patting himself and his minions on their collective backs for all the “rapport” they build with homeless people and still, after all these years, thinking that “formerly” is spelled “formally” (one would think someone at the BID would have pointed this out to him sometime in the last eight years, but perhaps they’re not as friendly with one another as they seem to be). Anyway, there are at least a few interesting things to be gleaned from them. I’m sure my colleagues will be exploring some of this in detail eventually, but here are a few things I noticed:

On first glance, Steve seems to spend ever so much more space rambling on about outreach than he “formally” did. Maybe it’s the power of the gaze. Also, here you can read about the final fate of the Vine Street tree vandal:

On 6-2-15, our officers spotted tree vandal Ricardo at Vine and Santa Monica. I had told the officers that this man had an outstanding warrant as he did not show up in court to face charges for vandalizing trees in the SBID. It is believed that he has destroyed dozens of young trees. I told the officers to follow the suspect while I contacted the LAPD.

The officers followed Ricardo for a considerable distance. I was able to contact LAPD detectives and three of them responded to the JIB which was the suspect’s current location. As they entered the restaurant, Ricardo left through the other door and made a brief attempt to run from the scene. He was quickly detained by LAPD and BID officers. The detectives took him to their station for booking. I later spoke to the City Attorney’s office and learned that Ricardo pled guilty to vandalizing one tree. He was fined $240.00 and was given a two year stay away order from Hollywood.

In other words, he had to pay fifty dollars and pick up all the garbage. After years of the BID Patrol’s Keystone-Kop-work, that’s what it’s come to. Blame Prop. 47, guys. It’s the apocalypse out there.

Screenshot of a public record is a public record. Image of Steve Seyler melting to a puddle in the sunshine is ©2015


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