Never Before Seen Unredacted Confidential Closed Session LAPD Use Of Force Reports Now Available — Twelve From 2019 And Two From 2020 — Along With Sixteen Confidential 24 Hour Incident Summaries From 2020 — Including Police Killings — Wounds — Complete Misses — Officers Shooting Their Guns By Mistake — Three Dead Dogs — A Very Rare Example Of An LAPD Family Liason Unit Report — Apparently After LAPD Officers Shoot A Person They Send These People Out To Meet With Their Victim’s Family — Which I Did Not Know About

When Los Angeles Police Department officers shoot, hurt, or kill people or animals, and even when they fire their guns by accident, the Department investigates the incident and reports on it to the Police Commission.1 For sufficiently serious incidents both the Chief and the Inspector General review the evidence and write confidential reports, which are then considered in closed session by the Commission. Even the least serious incidents get covered in a so-called “Chief of Police 24 Hour Occurrence Log Force Investigation Division” report. The ones for which

The Department publishes summaries of the first kind of reports on their website and it’s possible to get redacted versions of the original confidential closed session reportsif you ask for them,2 but I’ve never seen the unredacted reports published anywhere. Until now, that is, because I have an unprecedented set of records comprising both Chief and OIG reports from 14 cases in 2019 and 2020 and 18 of the previously mentioned 24 Hour Occurrence reports from 2020 for you today!

Some of the more serious cases also have confidential minority opinions filed by LAPD Command staff and I have those too, also unredacted. One of the cases, Alex Flores, has an unredacted LAPD Family Liason report. AYou can download all of them here on Archive.Org, or read on for brief summaries and direct links. Here are internal links to the files organized by victim in ascending date order:

🜰  Raymond Hernandez
🜰  Unintentional gunshot 1
🜰  Garrett Scott Coressel
🜰  Unnamed pit bull 1
🜰  James Frazier Lazzeri Jr. — Incl. minority report
🜰  Rodolfo Louis Coleman
🜰  Unintentional gunshot 2
🜰  Unintentional gunshot 3
🜰  Alex Flores — Incl. LAPD Family liason rpt
🜰  Nathaniel Robert Pinnock — Incl. minority rpt
🜰  Nathan Alexander Tovar — Incl redacted version for comparison
🜰  Lonyea Calloway
🜰  Julio Rafael Rodriguez
🜰  Oktawian Balenkowski
🜰  Unintentional gunshot 4
🜰  Alfonso Mauldin
🜰  Aleksandr Rusanovskiy
🜰  Daniel Rivera
🜰  Unnamed pit bull 2
🜰  Ben Montemayor
🜰  Kwame Page
🜰  Abigail Rodas
🜰  Yordy Ochoa
🜰  Maximillian Ochoa
🜰  Unnamed protester
🜰  Kevin Carr
🜰  Julie Anne Archer
🜰  Brandon Maxwell
🜰  Bryan Gudiel Barrios
🜰  Vanessa Nunez
🜰  Unnamed pit bull 3
🜰  Manuel Marshall Hernandez

Closed Session Use of Force Reports

Harbor 9/23/19 6:23 p.m.
Victim: Raymond Hernandez: Hispanic Male, 63 years of age (killed)
Officer(s) Involved in Use of Force
Byrd, S./PO III 6 years, 4 months
Vocke, M./PO II 16 years, 2 months
Millan, D./PO II 4 years, 2 months

045-19 COP.pdf

045-19 OIG.pdf

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Southwest 9/29/19 7:32 a.m.
Officer(s) Involved in Use of Force
Wheat, W./PO I 11 months

046-19 COP.pdf

046-19 OIG.pdf

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Outside City 10/7/19 12:58 a.m.
Victim: Garrett Scott Coressel: Male White, 36 years old (wounded)
Officer(s) Involved in Use of Force
Huynh, N./PO III 24 years, 7 months

047-19 COP.pdf

047-19 OIG.pdf

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Southeast 10/9/19 5:30 p.m.
Victim: Pit Bull dog (wounded)
Officer(s) Involved in Use of Force
Magana, C./PO II 12 years, 5 months

048-19 COP.pdf

048-19 OIG.pdf

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Van Nuys 10/16/19 10:23 a.m.
Victim: James Frazier Lazzeri Jr.: Male Black, 21 years of age (killed)
Officer(s) Involved in Use of Force
Whitney, M./Det. I 14 years, 6 months

049-19 COP.pdf

049-19 Minority Opinion supplemental info.pdf

049-19 Minority Opinion.pdf

049-19 OIG.pdf

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Hollenbeck 10/22/19 9:39 p.m.
Victim: Rodolfo Louis Coleman: Male Hispanic, 29 years of age (not hit)
Officer(s) Involved in Use of Force
Carbajal, J./PO III 11 years, 4 months
Bravo, M./PO II 17 years, 7 months
Meraz, M./PO II 2 years, 6 months

050-19 COP.pdf

050-19 OIG.pdf

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Pacific 10/23/19 12:00 p.m.
Officer(s) Involved in Use of Force
Yzaguirre, C./ Sgt. II 30 years

051-19 COP.pdf

051-19 OIG.pdf

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Outside City 10/25/19 1:50 a.m.
Officer(s) Involved in Use of Force Length of Service
Smith, T./ PO II 2 years, 3 months

052-19 COP.pdf

052-19 OIG.pdf

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Newton 11/19/19 8:13 a.m.
Victim: Alex Flores: Hispanic Male, 47 years of age (killed)

Officer(s) Involved in Use of Force Length of Service
Ruvalcaba, R./PO II 15 years, 2 months
Ruiz, S./PO II 6 years, 8 months

053-19 COP supplemental.pdf

053-19 COP.pdf

053-19 Family Liason Unit Report.pdf

053-19 OIG.pdf

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Hollywood 11/25/19 11:30 a.m.
Victim: Nathaniel Robert Pinnock: Male Black, 22 years of age (killed)
Officer(s) Involved in Use of Force Length of Service
Brady, Y./PO II 4 years
Padilla, N./ PO II 6 years, 4 months
Frias, J./ PO II 9 years, 9 months
Smyth, T./ PO II 5 years, 9 months

054-19 COP.pdf

054-19 Minority Opinion.pdf

054-19 OIG.pdf

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Hollenbeck 11/29/19 7:08 p.m.
Victim: Nathan Alexander Tovar: Male Hispanic, 21 years of age.
Officer(s) Involved in Use of Force Length of Service
Sagbigsal, J./PO II 5 years, 5 months

055-19 COP.pdf

055-19 COP_redacted.pdf

055-19 OIG.pdf

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Newton 12/1/19 2:00 a.m.
Victim: Lonyea Calloway: Male Black, 21 years of age. (not hit)
Officer(s) Involved in Use of Force Length of Service
Rios, M./PO II 3 years, 7 months
Velasquez, F./PO II 3 years, 7 months
Total Involved Officer(s)

056-19 COP.pdf

056-19 OIG.pdf

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Hollenbeck 1/5/20 00:12 a.m.
Victim: Julio Rafael Rodriguez: Male Hispanic, 23 years of age. (not hit)
Officer(s) Involved in Use of Force Length of Service
Rivas, G./PO II 5 years, 5 months

001-20 COP.pdf

001-20 OIG.pdf

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North Hollywood 1/5/20 3:45 a.m.
Victim: Oktawian Balenkowski: Male White, 38 years of age. (wounded)
Officer(s) Involved in Use of Force Length of Service
Rodriguez, S./PO III 12 years, 9 months
Nguyen, D./PO II 11 years, 11 months
Duplechein, J./PO II 5 years
Cairns, E./PO II 3 years, nine months
Simon, A./PO II 3 years, 10 months
Kowalczyk, S./PO I 1 year, 4 months
Ripplinger, V./PO I 1 year, 1 month
Silva, I./PO I 6 months

002-20 COP.pdf

002-20 OIG.pdf

24 Hour Occurrence Logs

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On July 31, 2020, at approximately 2225 hours, officers assigned to Hollenbeck Patrol Division were responding to a radio call of a burglary in the 2900 block of Hollister Avenue. As they arrived at the location, the airship advised there were suspects in the backyard. The driver officer unholstered her pistol prior to coming to a complete stop and then transitioned her firearm to her support hand so she could stop the vehicle and place it in “Park.” She then attempted to transition her firearm back to her primary hand and in doing so caused a Non-Tactical Unintentional Discharge.


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Victim: Alfonso Mauldin

On August 5, 2020, at approximately 1430 hours, officers assigned Hollywood Patrol Division responded to a radio call of a “Male with a Mental Illness.” The comments of the call indicated that the suspect suffered from manic bipolar disorder and was attempting to cut himself with scissors. The comments also indicated that the suspect had a Rottweiler dog on a leash.

When the officers arrived, they located the suspect, Alfonso Mauldin, inside his apartment still armed with the scissors and holding the leash to his dog. The officers attempted to de-escalate the incident via verbalization techniques, but at one point during their efforts Suspect Mauldin let go of the leash and he and his dog charged at the officers resulting in the deployment of a fire extinguisher, less-lethal munitions (Bean Bag) and an OIS. Suspect Mauldin was not struck and was taken into custody.

During the incident one officer sustained a GSW to the forearm. The officer was transported to Cedars Sinai Medical Center, treated and released.

The Rottweiler suffered a yet unidentified injury and was transported to a veterinarian. The veterinarian was unable to determine if the injury to the dog was a GSW or merely a puncture/stab wound.


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Victim: Aleksandr Rusanovskiy

On August 7, 2020 at approximately 0613 hours, West Valley Patrol officers received a radio call of a man with a knife. Upon their arrival, officers observed the suspect walking in the street, holding a kitchen knife with an approximate six-inch blade. Officers attempted to verbalize with the suspect; however, he ran at the officers while
holding the knife, resulting in an OIS.

The suspect was struck by the gunfire and taken into custody without further incident. He was transported by rescue ambulance to Northridge Hospital and treated for his injuries. The suspect was admitted to the hospital and absentee booked for Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Police Officer.


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Victim: Daniel Rivera

On August 14, 2020, at approximately 1801 hours, Mission Patrol Division officers responded to a report of a burglary suspect at 13517 Wingo Street. The suspect removed a window screen from the residence and entered a garage of another. The suspect was also observed by several residents trespassing on their property as he appeared to be talking to himself. An Air Unit responded and was able to follow the suspect as he attempted to flee. The Air Unit directed the officers to the suspect’s location, 13462 Wingo Street. The suspect then scaled a chain-link fence and climbed down into the reservoir east of that location. Several officers followed the suspect into the reservoir and attempted to take him into custody. The suspect resisted being handcuffed and use of force occurred involving applications of firm grip, bodyweight, and several TASER activations.

Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) paramedics were called and upon arrival initiated medical treatment. Shortly thereafter, the suspect became unresponsive resulting in cardiac arrest. The suspect was pronounced dead several minutes later by LAFD at scene.

The Los Angeles County Coroner’s office was notified and transported the suspect to the Los Angeles County Morgue pending a post-mortem examination.


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Victim: An unnamed dog.

August 19, 2020

North Hollywood Patrol officers responded to the above location due to complaints that a homeless encampment was blocking the sidewalk and involved in illegal dumping. While attempting to make contact with a resident inside of a recreational vehicle (RV), an approximately 50 pound pit bull emerged from under the RV. The officer attempted to back away from the dog; however, it charged at the officer, leaping up and dislodging the body worn video (BWV) camera off his chest. The officer fired two rounds from his handgun, striking the dog.

The dog ultimately died at scene.

No officers were injured during the incident and no arrests were made.


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Victim: Ben Montemayor

On June 2, 2020, uniformed officers were assigned to a Mobile Field Force due to the citywide civil unrest and assigned to Hollywood Area.

On June 11, 2020, the Los Angeles Times published an article related to the protests. In the article, the Times named a male, later identified as Ben Montemayor, who claimed he had been struck in the testicles by a “rubber bullet” fired by police. Montemayor also wrote about his experience at the protest on June 2nd on his Instagram social media page, indicating that he underwent several hours of surgery as a result of the impact, and left the (unidentified) hospital the following day.

As a result of the Times article and Instagram post, a complaint was generated under CF No. 20-001700. Investigators from the Department’s SAFE LA Task Force attempted to contact Montemayor about the incident. Montemayor referred them to his attorney, who was unwilling to cooperate with investigators.

Based on the Times article and Instagram posting, on August 19, 2020, this case was classified as a Categorical Use of Force and Force Investigation Division assumed investigative responsibility.


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Victim: Kwame Page

On August 24, 2020, at approximately 1721 hours, Southeast Area Gang Enforcement Detail (GED) units responded to a radio call of gang activity to the rear of the apartment complex located at 338 East 99 Street. The person reporting indicated there were seven Main Street gang members standing around a vehicle parked to the rear of the location and that a handgun was observed.

Several Southeast Area GED units arrived at scene and deployed simultaneously to the front and rear of the location. As officers approached the rear driveway of the apartment complex, Suspect Page ran north on the east side of the location. Upon reaching the front courtyard of the complex, Page encountered other GED officers who had just arrived on 99″ Street, and an Officer-Involved Shooting occurred. Page then circled around to the west side of the complex and was ultimately taken into custody in the rear parking area where the foot pursuit began. A semiautomatic handgun was recovered at scene.

Page was not struck by gunfire and no officers were injured. He was ultimately booked for Possession of a Firearm by a Prohibited Person. Three additional males were also taken into custody; however, they were later questioned and released.


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Victim: Abigail Rodas

On June 1, 2020, the Department received a complaint via email from Abigail Rodas alleging she had been shot in the face with a rubber bullet during a recent protest. Rodas indicated that at 1900 hours, she and other demonstrators were in the area of Edinburgh Avenue and Beverly Boulevard, when someone threw a bottle toward the front line of the demonstration. Rodas stated that when she yelled at demonstrators not to throw bottles at the police, she was shot in the face with a rubber bullet and lost consciousness. Rodas was ultimately transported by private vehicle to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where it was determined she had sustained a fracture to her jaw requiring surgery.

Investigative responsibility regarding this incident was originally assigned to the Department’s SAFE LA Task Force under CF No. 20-001651. On August 24, 2020, the Department was able to confirm Rodas was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on May 30, 2020, for a fractured jaw. Although the Department has yet to locate video of the incident, uniformed Department personnel were in the area at the time it occurred. Based on the totality of the circumstances, it appears likely Rodas’ injury was caused by a Los Angeles Police Officer and was subsequently classified as a Categorical Use of Force, Law Enforcement Related Injury (LERI). Investigative responsibility for this
incident has been reassigned to Force Investigation Division (FID).


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Victim: Yordy Ochoa

On July 7, 2020, at approximately 0120 hours, officers assigned to Rampart Patrol Division responded to a radio call of a “Man with a gun” at Clinton Street and Virgil Avenue. The comments of the call indicated that the suspect was on a bicycle and brandished a gun at passerby’s.

When the officers arrived in the area, they located the suspect, Yordy Ochoa operating a bicycle. The officers pursued Ochoa for several blocks in their vehicles and ordered him to stop numerous times, but he refused. At one-point officers drove next to Ochoa and intentionally used the driver side door to push him to the ground.

Suspect Ochoa was then taken into custody. Ochoa sustained minor abrasions and complained of pain to his shoulder, right arm, and right knee. He was treated at scene by ambulance and transported to Rampart Community Police Station for processing.

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Victim: Maximillian Ochoa

On September 23, 2020, a Van Nuys Sergeant was in foot pursuit of a juvenile who was wanted for Robbery with a gun. During the foot pursuit the subject fell to the ground two times. The subject discarded the gun, proned himself on the ground and was taken into custody. A Non-Categorial Use of Force occurred when the Sergeant placed a knee in the subject’s lower back while handcuffing. The subject was transported to Valley Presbyterian Hospital and was treated for a broken collar bone and released for booking. The subject was transported to Sylmar Juvenile Hall for housing. On the day following the subject was transported to University of Southern California Medical Center (USCMC) where he was treated and admitted an injury alleged to have been caused during his arrest. The subject was released from the hospital on September 28, 2020 and was transported back to Sylmar Juvenile Hall for housing. On October 4, 2020, Los Angeles Police Department Internal Affairs Division was notified of Ochoa’s allegations by the Los Angeles County Probation Department at Sylmar Juvenile Hall.


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Victim: Unnamed protester

In anticipation of celebratory activity following the conclusion of the NBA Finals, several Mobile Field Forces were deployed in the downtown area. At approximately 0028 hours, a squad of officers arrived in the area of South Flower Street and West 9th Street due to a large crowd. While interacting with that group, officers reported seeing individuals throw bottles in their direction. In response to those actions, less-lethal munitions were deployed, striking an individual in the face. That person was subsequently transported to a local hospital, where he was admitted due to injuries sustained to his mouth. He was not arrested.


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Victim: Kevin Carr

On October 14, 2020, Southeast uniformed patrol officers were driving in the above area when they observed two vehicles parked in the lot of the 76 Gas Station at the above address. Several people were loitering near the vehicles, so officers began driving toward the parking lot to determine if criminal activity may be occurring. As the officers drove into the parking lot, they observed a suspect standing in the parking lot, pointing a handgun at the occupants of the parked vehicles. Officers stopped their vehicle and attempted to verbalize with the suspect; however, the suspect refused to drop the handgun, resulting in an OIS.

The suspect was struck by the gunfire and succumbed to his injuries at scene.

A loaded handgun was recovered at scene.

No officers or additional civilians were injured during the incident.


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Victim: Julie Anne Archer

On October 15, 2020, at approximately 0120 hours, Topanga Patrol Division officers were investigating a radio call of an ADW suspect with a gun at the Best Western Motel, located at 20122 Vanowen Street. When the officers arrived, they spoke with a motel staff member and guest and determined that an ADW had not occurred. The guest advised he had rented a room at the motel the day prior and allowed the suspect, whom he met hours earlier, to stay in his room. When the guest left to run an errand, the suspect locked him out and refused to allow him back inside. The officers attempted to communicate with the suspect through a closed door, but she refused to cooperate with their requests to exit. The officers chose not to force entry and cleared the scene shortly thereafter.

At approximately 0219 hours, the motel staff located a key to the guest’s room and called Communications Division to request the officers return to the location. Upon their arrival, the officers again communicated with the suspect and ordered her to exit the room. When the suspect refused, the officers utilized a key provided to them by motel staff to unlock the door; however a secondary chain lock on the inside of the door prevented it from fully opening. The officers ultimately utilized bolt cutters to cut the lock and attempted to force the door open, while the suspect pushed against it on the other side. Moments later, the suspect extended her right hand through the gap in the doorway, while holding a semiautomatic handgun, resulting in an Officer-Involved Shooting. The suspect sustained a gunshot wound to her right wrist and was taken into custody without further incident. She was transported by rescue ambulance to Northridge Hospital and is expected to survive.

No officers were injured.

A loaded semiautomatic handgun was recovered at scene.


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Victim: Brandon Maxwell

On October 17, 2020, Southwest uniformed patrol officers were driving north on Budlong Avenue from Jefferson Boulevard when they observed a shooting in progress. The suspect vehicle was stopped in the roadway, and two of its passengers were standing in the roadway, firing handguns at a victim who had just exited his vehicle. One of the suspects ran northbound after the intended victim, as the second suspect attempted to fire his handgun at a group of males on the sidewalk.

When officers stopped their vehicle, the suspect-2 , turned and pointed his handgun in the direction of officers and an OIS occurred. None of the officers, victims or suspects were struck by gunfire. Suspect-2 entered the passenger side of the vehicle, and the vehicle fled southbound before crashing several blocks away.

As the OIS was occurring, Suspect-1 had run northbound briefly, but returned southbound on the sidewalk toward officers. Suspect-1 discarded his revolver at scene before fleeing northbound on foot. Officers established a perimeter to search for the outstanding suspects. While maintaining the perimeter, additional officers detained one male with bloody clothing in the back seat of a vehicle attempting to exit the perimeter. The male was later determined to the registered owner of the suspect vehicle and appeared to have minor injuries from broken vehicle glass as a result of the OIS. He and was ultimately booked for attempted murder.

Metropolitan Division K9 officers also responded to assist with the search; however, no additional suspects were located within the perimeter.

One revolver was recovered at scene. A semi-automatic pistol was recovered from the passenger floorboard of the suspect’s vehicle.


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Victim: Bryan Gudiel Barrios

On October 18, 2020, at approximately 2149 hours, Fullerton Police Department detectives were conducting surveillance of a child sexual abuse suspect in the area of 5500 Melrose Avenue and requested the assistance of LAPD officers. As Fullerton detectives attempted to detain the suspect in a driveway to Paramount Studios, the suspect produced a knife and began stabbing himself. Fullerton PD detectives utilized a TASER, which was
ineffective, and the suspect ran east on Melrose Avenue to the Windsor Boulevard entrance of the Paramount Studios. Hollywood Patrol Division officers arrived at scene moments later and followed the suspect on to the studio lot, where less-lethal projectiles were deployed, and an Officer-Involved Shooting occurred. The suspect was not struck by gunfire and fled into a building façade of a movie set. He was ultimately detained without incident by Metropolitan Division K9 personnel. A folding knife was recovered at scene.

The suspect sustained what appeared to be self-inflicted lacerations to his neck, arms, and upper torso. He was transported to Cedars Sinai Medical Center by ambulance and is expected to survive.

No officers were injured.


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Victim: Vanessa Nunez

On October 23, 2020, at approximately 1420 hours, officers assigned to Central Patrol Division were flagged down in the area of E. 11th Street and S. Los Angeles Street by citizens reporting a robbery suspect. The officers located the suspect and attempted make a pedestrian stop on S. Main Street, just north of 11th Street. When they did so, the suspect, Vanessa Nunez, turned and fired two rounds at the officers from a semiautomatic pistol resulting in an officer involved shooting.

Suspect Nunez dropped her weapon and was subsequently taken into custody without further incident. She was treated at scene by Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics for minor injuries sustained by breaking glass but was determined not to have been struck by gunfire.

A Glock Model 19 semiautomatic pistol was recovered from the scene.

Although one of Suspect Nunez’ rounds struck the officers’ marked black and white police vehicle, no officers were injured during the incident.


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Victim: An unnamed pit bull

On October 25, 2020, at approximately 1000 hours, an off-duty reserve officer was walking his two dogs on a trail near the Summitridge Park in the City of Diamond Bar, when he was confronted by a large Pit Bull, who had just pulled away from its owner. The owner of the Pit Bull fell to the ground and injured her shoulder. The Pit Bull then began attacking the officer’s dogs, but the officer was able to separate them without issue. While the owner of the Pit Bull attempted to restrain her dog, the officer moved several yards away and tied his dogs to a fence post. He then walked back to check on the owner of the Pit Bull, who appeared injured. The Pit Bull broke free from the owner a second time and again began attacking the officer’s dogs. While the officer attempted to restrain the Pit Bull, it became aggressive toward him. The officer fired one round at the dog, striking it in the torso. The Pit Bull died at scene.

The owner of the Pit Bull was transported by RA to a local hospital for injuries she sustained as a result of her fall. The officer was not injured.

Deputies from the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department responded to the scene and completed a non-criminal discharge of a firearm report.


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Victim: Manuel Marshall Hernandez

On November 1, 2020, at approximately 1800 hours, the suspect was discovered inside the rear warehouse area of the Ralphs Grocery Store located at 16940 Devonshire Street. The store manager approached the suspect and directed him to leave the area. After initially complying, the manager discovered the suspect had again entered a restricted area of the store. As the manager began to escort the suspect to an exit, the suspect removed a handgun from his front waistband and pointed it at him. The suspect then fled toward the rear of the store, as the manager called 911. Devonshire officers responded to the scene and observed the suspect standing on top of a food shelf aisle near the front of the market. The officers verbalized with the suspect for several minutes in an attempt to get him to surrender. Without notice, the suspect jumped down from the shelf and ran toward the rear of the market while holding a handgun in his right hand. The suspect then fired at an officer, resulting in an OIS.

The suspect ultimately ran out of the Ralphs via a rear exit and fled west across Balboa Boulevard to the AM/PM Mini Market, located at 17000 Devonshire Street. Once inside, the suspect held the store clerk at gunpoint while drinking a beer from one of the refrigerated display cases. The suspect ultimately surrendered and was taken into custody without incident. A semiautomatic handgun was recovered from inside the AM/PM Mini Market.

One officer sustained a wound to his left forearm and was transported to Northridge Hospital, where he received several stiches. The cause of the officer’s wound has yet to be determined.

The suspect was not injured during the incident.


  1. Note that they call this kind of violence “use of force,” but it’s all violence. Officer-involved violence, but violence nevertheless.
  2. If you ask for them and you’re Kevin Rector of the LA Times, anyway. I haven’t asked for them myself, but he has and has gotten them.

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