Garcetti Aide Jeff Gorell And LAPD Inspector General Mark Smith Were All Set In July To Announce Plans To Open A Satellite Inspector General’s Office In South Los Angeles — To Be Staffed Two Days A Week — For Accepting Reports And As A Meeting Space — But When Gorell Checked In With His “Chief” About It A Couple Days Before The Announcement Garcetti Put The Nix On It — Wanted To Bundle It Up With “Other UOF Reforms” — And Now It’s December — With No Satellite Office Announcement And No UOF Reforms — Maybe None Of It Looked Pressing To Garcetti While Visions Of Cabinet-Level Appointments Danced In His Head?

It appears that Mark Smith, Inspector General of the Los Angeles Police Department, and Mayor Eric Garcetti planned earlier this year to open a satellite Inspector General’s office in South Los Angeles “when COVID allows.” According to emails I obtained recently, Garcetti aide Jeff Gorell, Smith, and Police Commission President Eileen Decker were ready on July 9 to announce this publicly.

On July 7 Gorell emailed Garcetti to inform him of the plan, in which the satellite would have “some capacity for in-person report-taking and meetings [and] staffed 2 days per week.” Apparently Garcetti nixed the announcement, though, because it was never made.

According to Gorell’s later email to Decker they’d decided “to postpone the announcement of the satellite IG office until later when we can couple it with other UOF reforms.” The point being, I guess, that Garcetti intended the satellite office, like the use of force reforms, to placate people protesting daily to express their disgust for LAPD’s apparently unslakeable thirst for blood.

Well, I haven’t heard about this plan again, and I haven’t heard much of the ‘other UOF reforms” either. I guess none of it seemed so important while MEG thought he was on his way to Washington? Or something like that. Anyway, read on for a transcription.

On Tue, Jul 7, 2020 at 11:46 AM Jeff Gorell <>

Chief, Mark:

  just to sync up, Mark and I spoke this am with Eileen and agreed that on Thursday it can be announced that :

 – when COVID allows, the IG’s office will be formally launching a satellite office in SoLA with some capacity for in-person report-taking and meetings.

 – staffed 2 days per week, and demand signal and efficacy will be reviewed after 6 months

 – (need location to announce. I thought you had a place in mind Chief?  I need ITA to start work)



Subject: Re: IG Satellite Office

From: Jeff Gorell <>

Date: 7/7/20, 4:45 PM

To: Michel Moore>, Mark Smith <>, Eileen Decker <>

FYI – decision was made to postpone the announcement of the satellite IG office until later when we can couple it with other UOF reforms.  There’s still some work to be done on this, including finding and solidifying a location.

Sorry for any inconvenience. 

thanks all,


  1. This email is chronologically first but the only copy I have is quoted in the reply. So I can’t be sure that Gorell was writing to Eric Garcetti and Mark Smith here, but that’s sure how it appears.

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