On October 10, 2020 LAPD Chief Michel Moore “Was Personally Insulted By The Content” Of A Tweet On Marqueece Harris-Dawson’s Twitter — So He Asked MHD About It — MHD Denied Writing It Or Even Knowing About It — But Promised To Replace It With “A Positive And Supportive Message” — Then Moore Emailed 27 LAPD Brass And Told Them That He Had “Personally Discussed This With The CM And Expect[ed] Better” — Who Is It That’s In Charge Of This City Again?

On October 10, 2020, LAPD Chief Michel Moore sent an email to a bunch of police luminaries with the subject line CM Marqueece Harris-Dawson Tweet – Ridiculous. The outline is in the headline and the full text is below. But first, is anyone still wondering who actually runs this City?

After the City Council choosing layoffs and furloughs over even freezing LAPD’s budget, let alone reducing it? After seeing police officers surround and intimidate CD 7 rep Monica Rodriguez? After the LAPPL’s disingenuous attacks on CD11 rep Mike Bonin?

If so, they won’t be wondering after reading Michel Moore tell more than twenty five of his subordinates that he “expect[s] better” from Councilmember Harris-Dawson, that he’s “committed to holding [politicians] accountable,” that after their conversation Harris-Dawson had the “ridiculous” tweet, apparently neither written nor approved by him, deleted and replaced “with a positive and supportive message.” Here’s a transcription of the email:

Subject: CM Marqueece Harris-Dawson Tweet – Ridiculous
From: Michel Moore <23506@lapd.online>
Date: 10/10/20, 10:59 AM
To: Robert Arcos <26185@lapd.online>, Beatrice Girmala
<24916@lapd.online>, Robert Marino <27226@lapd.online>, Emada Tingirides
<31546@lapd.online>, Joshua Rubenstein <n5373@lapd.online>, John McMahon
<26681@lapd.online>, Brian Raffish <26689@lapd.online>, Sofie Toledo
<30578@lapd.online>, “Daniel Randolph” <27634@lapd.online>, Lizabeth
Rhodes <N6480@lapd.online>, “Richard Tefank” <n3025@lapd.online>, Dominic
Choi <32350@lapd.online>, Horace Frank <25958@lapd.online>, Robert Marino
<27226@lapd.online>, Harry Eddo <n4680@lapd.online>, Justin Eisenberg
<30096@lapd.online>, Regina Scott <25512@lapd.online>, Vito Palazzolo
<27433@lapd.online>, Jorge Rodriguez <25668@lapd.online>, Marc Reina
<34490@lapd.online>, Peter Zarcone <26271@lapd.online>, Kris Pitcher
<25665@lapd.online>, Martin Baeza <26624@lapd.online>, Luann Pannell
<n1619@lapd.online>, Richard Tefank <n3025@lapd.online>, Jeff Gorell
<Jeff.Gorell@lacity.org>, Freddie Booker <r6095@lapd.online>, Jeffrey Neu
<JeffreyP@theneus.com>, Fred MacFarlane <fredmacfarlane@mac.com>, Eileen
Decker <n6220@lapd.online>

Good morning

I learned this morning of an insulting Tweet on the CM’s social media account which apparently was posted yesterday. I immediately called the CM and told him I was personally insulted by the content of the message and asked if he had authored it or was aware of it. He advised he was not aware of the post. A few minutes later he called me back and ‘deeply’ apologized, attributing the post to an intern in his office. He stated the content of the post was not reflective of his beliefs, had already pulled it down, and stated his office would be replacing the post with a positive and supportive message.

I understand the message has already moved around the Department as one would expect given its inflammatory and insulting content. There is no excuse for it and I’m not making one on behalf of the CM.

Please communicate with our people that I’ve personally discussed this with the CM and expect better. Our people are not to blame for the increase in violence and deserve his and others collective support and encouragement for the work being done each day for the safety of Los Angeles.

There will be mistakes and missteps by others. I’m committed to holding them as accountable as we are held while also taking the ‘high road’ of allowing them to show in their actions and deeds just exactly how they join us in this endeavor of public safety. Lives are at stake and there is no space for rhetoric and political posturing.

I will be pushing this out via the DOC in a few minutes and wanted to give you a heads up.



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