Downtown Center BID Sunday Afternoon Document Dump! Thousands Of Pages Of Emails To/From The Central City Association! Zillionaire Secrets, Such As They Are, Laid Bare For All To See!

This is just a short note to announce that I recently received a ton of records from Suzanne Holley of the Downtown Center BID. These are ostensibly all non-exempt emails between the Central City Association of Los Angeles and DCBID staffers from July 1, 2016 through January 31, 2018. You can get most of them here on Archive.Org. That set includes a bunch of PDFs I exported as well as an MBOX file that will give you access to the attachments.1

Suzanne also saw fit to redact 134 of these emails. She supplies them as MSG files, which I guess are binaries of some sort and not easily edited, so she prints them to PDF and redacts with some kind of PDF editor.2 You can find these 134 additional emails here on Archive.Org. There are a bunch of really important items here that I’ll be writing about over the next week3 but I just want to leave you with one hilarious item about music streaming. Turn the page for a transcription.

Subject: Streaming Music
From: “Suzanne Holley”
Date: 07/06/2016 11:40 AM


Please do not stream music through your computers. This materially impacts the speed of our network and internet access.

Thank you.

Suzanne Holley
SVP & Chief Operating Officer

Perhaps even more interesting than that is who she sent this email to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, sbratton@ccala.org4

That’s pretty much the whole gang of co-conspirators, both indicted and unindicted. I mean, just think about it. On July 6, 2016 we have Suzanne Holley telling her boss, the Queen of Downtown herself, Ms. Carol Schatz, that she can’t listen to Frank Sinatra on Spotify at work.5 A mere three months later Carol Schatz handed over the keys to the CCALA empire to pernicious upstart scarecrow Jessica Lall rather than to her protégé Suzanne Holley.6 Coincidence? I hardly think so. Moral? Don’t tell your damn boss what to do with her computer at work. Got it, Suzanne? This WILL be on the final.

Image of Suzanne Holley is ©2018 MichaelKohlhaas.Org.

  1. I did extract all the attachments and mean to upload them soon, but with data on this scale everything takes longer than expected. Let me know if you see an attachment or two that you need right away and you’re not equipped to use the MBOX file directly and I’ll get it to you somehow.
  2. Her redactions are mostly completely insupportable under the law, but that’s a discussion for another day.
  3. I know I say that all the time and don’t necessarily follow up, but this time, I swear, posts are forthcoming!
  4. This list is lightly edited for correctness. As I said, Suzanne Holley hands over the emails to me as MSG files. I convert them to MBOX using the invaluable msgconvert script. Unfortunately the script is, as are many of us, sometimes confused by Microsoft’s antics and freaks out a little regarding special characters. You can see what I mean by looking at this exported PDF.
  5. Rank speculation. I have no idea whether or not Carol Schatz listens to Frank Sinatra either via Spotify or through any other music-delivery medium. But it seems plausible given that both the Zillion Dollar Woman and Ol’ Blue Eyes do/did it their way, keep/kept tame politicians as pets, and habitually hang/hung out with vicious thugs in really nice clothes.
  6. Not incidentally, bankrupting any number of DTLA bookies in the process, as Lall was running at about eleventy zillion to one against. There’s clearly no truth to the rumor that Schatz herself bet heavily on insider information through intermediaries at Liner LLP. No. Truth. What. So. Freaking. Ever.

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