LAPD to Illegally Incarcerated Michael Brown Protesters: “Your [College] Degrees Don’t Matter Here.” “I Guess No Instagram Or Twitter Tonight.” “You Wanted To Play The Game — This Is How WE Play The Game.” Selection of Documents From Amha v. Los Angeles Available

Different protest, same shit.
Different protest, same shit.
I’m reporting on the progress of Chua v. Los Angeles (to the best of my legally limited ability) for this blog. The recently filed joint discovery plan in that case mentioned a number of other pending civil suits against the City of Los Angeles arising out of the same set of Michael Brown / Ferguson protests Downtown in 2014. One of these, Amha v. City of LA, caught my eye, so I downloaded a few of the briefs from PACER. I don’t have time to analyze these, but I’m putting them in a directory here, also available through the menu structure above to some extent. I’ll be updating it as new stuff is filed, and may write on it if the mood strikes me. Meanwhile, after the break, see some of the horrid stuff the LAPD did and said to this poor lady after arresting her when she was walking past a protest on her way home from the gym, as alleged in the initial complaint.

When Plaintiff attempted to walk home, she was told by police officers that she was not permitted to go. An officer approached Plaintiff, after which Plaintiff attempted to explain that she had come from the gym (showing her gym clothes that she wore, complete with headband) and that she lived a few blocks away (by showing her ID). Plaintiff alleges that the officer refused to listen to Plaintiff’s explanation of why she was there, who she was, and where she wanted to go.

Instead, Plaintiff and others, were all rounded up and taken to a location where they were held for approximately four (4) hours. At some stage, buses arrived and, then, Plaintiff and other individuals were zip-tied, with hands behind their backs.

After spending a period of time on a bus, Plaintiff was transported to a jail. Plaintiff is informed and believes that she was transported to the Van Nuys Jail…

During the above procedure … Plaintiff is informed, believes, and alleges that LAPD officers engaged in abusive, malicious conduct, as more fully set forth herein. This included verbal comments by various LAPD officers, including without limitation the following: “Your degrees [college] don’t matter here!” “I guess no Instagram or Twitter tonight.” “You wanted to play the game — this is how WE play the game.” “You’re going to spend the holidays with us, over the weekend.”

During her incarceration, Plaintiff was menstruating. She asked officers for sanitary napkins. Blood was visible on Plaintiff’s pants. Plaintiff’s requests were ignored. Instead a female officer told Plaintiff to, simply, use the toilet and toilet paper.

And the rest of it is worth reading as well.

LAPD and Occupy LA image is free as free can be via Wikimedia.


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