Four Volume Set of Pictures of People Arrested by the BID Patrol in 2007 Now Available on Amazon

2007.arrestees.vol.1.coverI am pleased to announce the availability on Amazon of a four volume set of pictures of people arrested by the Andrews International BID Patrol in 2007. I set it up in both color and in black and white, since the color printing makes for a high price. As always, free PDFs of the books are available as well and, as always, these are sold at cost. These images are part of a much larger image dump which you can get from here. This is useful as it allows you to get the complete 4.7G of images via bittorrent, which is far more efficient than http for such large amounts of data. In any case, here are links to the books and the free PDFs:

  1. Color series on Amazon:
    V.1     V.2     V.3     V.4
  2. B&W series on Amazon:
    V.1     V.2     V.3     V.4
  3. Free PDFs (color only):
    V.1     V.2     V.3     V.4

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