John Irigoyen to Sad Homeless Man: Don’t Worry, I Care About You. Now Have Some Coffee and GTFO.

Dear sad homeless man: Have some coffee and get the fuck out of my BID.
Dear sad homeless man: I care about you. Now have some coffee and get the fuck out of my BID.
Listen here as John Irigoyen relates a story of how he buys coffee for the homeless and makes them feel loved:

Another homeless person by the name of Tyson…big guy [unintelligible] was on the sidewalk. I guess he…eh…he had this attitude that nobody liked him, nobody cared for him [unintelligible] and…um…after I calmed him down I offered him coffee he took it and he was [unintelligible] having a hard time but…[unintelligible]…I saw him three days ago and he said again thank you and he thought nobody cared about him. So he was talking about he wanted…[unintelligible]…so it’s just another example of we’re actually making contact with everybody out there I mean buying him a cup of coffee calm him down a little…

Now watch here to see how John Irigoyen’s Green Gestapo really treat homeless people. John Irigoyen is on record saying that these officers did nothing wrong and he’s standing behind them. Does that homeless man feel loved? Does he feel cared about? Did he get coffee? He certainly felt screamed at. Does the Green Gestapo exist to make homeless people feel better? Why do we doubt this? Because actually they exist to make homeless people leave Hollywood.

And maybe John Irigoyen gives them a pony or a cup of coffee on their way out the door. And then Sharyn Romano’s crew steals all their worldly goods. But hey! At least they get coffee and sympathy from the BID patrol.


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