The Accelerated Schools Board Meeting Will Take Place Thursday December 5 At 10 AM — Nightmarish Racist Automaton Juli Quinn — Soon-To-Be-Former President Of The Board Of Directors — Scheduled To Rage-Quit Over Protests — If You Can’t Stand The Heat Get Out Of The Damn Kitchen — As The Cliche Would Have It — But Also If You Can’t Stand The Heat Stop Doing Evil Stuff That Is Sending You Straight To Hell — Just A Parting Thought For Juli Quinn — Quinn’s Welcome Departure Likely To Usher In Amplified Reign Of Racist Terror — With Psychopathic Greed-Head Real Estate Grifter Leonard Rabinowitz Poised To Take Over Presidency — This Is A Guy Who Wants To Eliminate Special Education From His Damn School — And Only Has Not Because They Can’t Afford The Associated Pay Cut — Come Out To The Meeting And Watch History Being Made!

Our old friends at the white savior privatizing charter conspiracy known as The Accelerated Schools are having a board meeting tomorrow, December 5, at 10 AM on the main campus at 4000 S. Main Street 90037. You may well remember that at their last meeting chaos broke out in response to board president Juli Quinn’s high-handed disdain for the human beings her organization purports to serve, in particular their concern for the immoral and illegal firing of long-time TAS employee Hilda Guzman.

And it seems that Quinn is not only an unreconstructed racist but she’s also a thin-skinned whiny little baby who cannot stand even the slightest criticism. Which is why, according to the agenda for tomorrow’s meeting, Quinn is rage-quitting her position on the board because her fans just don’t love her enough. Oh, and if that’s not fascinating enough, according to this list of proposed officers Quinn’s slated replacement as board boss is thuggish real estate grifter Leonard Rabinowitz.1

By the way, shaming Quinn into quitting her position, making her too uncomfortable to continue, is not only a great victory for the activists responsible, but it’s exactly the kind of thing Americans have been doing to tyrants for centuries. This is how free people exert their power. For a powerful statement of this principle, see this Letter to the Inhabitants of the Province of Quebec, sent by the Continental Congress in 1774, explaining that one benefit of a free press is that it allows citizens to organize themselves, a process “whereby oppressive officers are shamed or intimidated, into more honourable and just modes of conducting affairs.”

Please come out to the meeting if you have time, then! You can support Hilda Guzman and the other activists who have been pressuring this board to do the right thing and meet some really brave, really wise people. People who are worth knowing. And not one of them is on the damn board of directors. Not yet, anyway…

Oh, one more thing! This guy who’s taking over the board presidency from Juli Quinn, Leonard Rabinowitz? I have not had time to write much about him yet, about his ridiculously ignorant statements at board meetings, and so on. But here’s one little example, this from December 2018. Listen to him right here suggesting to the staff that TAS just get rid of special education all together if it’s so expensive. They tell him that they’re required to provide special education but he’s sure that they can dump it and just take a funding cut.

Which, the staff tells him repeatedly, is not true. Just keep this episode in mind next time some charter school minion is screeching about how charter schools are public schools. Not in the minds of the zillionaires that run them, they’re not. They’re cash cows and the kids are fodder and if special ed kids cost too much, if it’s cost effective to dump them, and if it’s allowed, or even if it’s not allowed, then that’s what they’ll do. That’s what Leonard Rabinowitz, the soon-to-be-anointed president of the board of TAS, would do, will do. See you tomorrow, friends!

Image of soon-to-be TAS Board Boss Leonard Rabinowitz is ©2019 MichaelKohlhaas.Org and that, as mom used to say, is freaking that!

  1. Qualified for the leadership position not so much by his knowledge of education, he has none, nor by his concern for the lives of human children, again missing, but pretty much solely by the fact that he owns zillions of dollars in property in the neighborhood.

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