2016 Lawsuit Filed By LAPD Critic Patti Beers Against The City Of Los Angeles, Charlie Beck, And Assorted Other Cops, Has Settled In Its Entirety — However, The Terms Of The Settlement Are Not Yet Known

This is just the quickest of notes to announce that mere moments ago radical videographer Patti Beers, who sued the City and a bunch of cops in 2016 over their abuse of her during the 2014 protests about Michael Brown and Ferguson, MO, announced that she’d settled all her claims and the City’s going to pay her an as-yet-undisclosed amount of money, some of which will no doubt go to her attorney, the renowned and heroic Morgan Ricketts.

You can read some details in my earlier post on the suit and you can read the notice of settlement, just filed on PACER about ten minutes ago, right here. Note that this settlement leaves the ongoing associated class action suit known as Chua v. City of LA untouched as far as I can see. That one’s scheduled for trial in November 2018. This one’s over. Also, turn the page for a transcription of the notice of settlement.


Plaintiff Patricia Beers has reached a settlement with all defendants against whom she has filed claims. The terms of this settlement include a payment to be made to Plaintiff, which counsel for Defendants anticipates may take thirty (30) days or more. Upon receipt of that payment, Plaintiff will submit a stipulation of dismissal with prejudice of all claims to counsel for all parties.

DATED: June 21, 2018

/s Morgan Ricketts
Morgan Ricketts
Attorney for Plaintiff Patricia Beers


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