Emails First Published Here Used As Source In LA Weekly Story On Skid Row Neighborhood Council, Just Published Today!

Hot off the presses! How the Skid Row Neighborhood Council was Defeated by Jason McGahan published mere hours ago in the L.A. Weekly. Tells the same sad story you’ve been reading here, there, and everywhere, but with an actual discussion of the reprehensible involvement of Scott Gray, Capital Foresight, Liner Law, Rocky Delgadillo, and the rest of the zillionaire Klown Kar Krew.1 It’s a rare experience for me to read an article in a newspaper where I understand the subject thoroughly and not see any errors at all.2 This is a fine piece of work. Read it!

This story is in no way about us, but we’re thrilled to have been able to help.

And a nice H/T from Jason McGahan, to boot:

Emails to and from the Business Improvement Districts of the Historic Core and Fashion District that were recently obtained via the California Public Records Act and published at the blog (the blog shares the name of a 19th Century German novella about a fanatical quest for justice) provide insight to the opposition campaign that led to the narrow defeat of the Skid Row Neighborhood Council.

L.A. Weekly logo started out as the L.A. Weekly logo and ended up as … the L.A. Weekly logo. Not sure if it’s the kind of thing that’s subject to copyright, but even if it is they’ve obviously still got it and we’re just fair-using it, friends.

  1. And also with more journalistic skill and integrity than we could ever muster, not that we want to.
  2. I’m not alone in this. C.f. the Gell-Mann effect.

3 thoughts on “Emails First Published Here Used As Source In LA Weekly Story On Skid Row Neighborhood Council, Just Published Today!”

  1. They all use the same tactics and the residents lost twice when SRNC Formation Committee leaders changed the bylaws that they submitted with the SRNC application with DONE/EmpowerLA online. They also endorsed a luxury development without any majority vote. All the documents were available to read online and they are not the same bylaws approved by the formation committee or bylaws committee.

    They did this without majority vote of the SRNC Formation Committee and with zero residents, zero homeless residents, in the room or a loft, in this case, that Katherine McNenny, would set up private meetings in her loft building that has so much security that a homeless person is immediately moved away for even approaching the sidewalk in front.

    You can’t win using the same tactics and manipulation that you blame United DTLA of using. The Skid Row residents deserve better. They deserve accountability and transparency, not being kicked out of meetings or banned for asking for accountability. It’s wrong whoever does it.

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