Order Filed This Morning Certifies Chua V. City Of Los Angeles, Federal Civil Rights Case Arising Out Of 2014 Michael Brown Protests, As A Class Action With Some Minor Exceptions

California-centralSee this article from the LA Times and our previous posts on the subject for the background to this post. All of the filings can be found here.

Last July the plaintiffs in this monumental federal civil rights suit against the City of Los Angeles for the reprehensible behavior of the LAPD in 2014 with respect to protests arising out of the Michael Brown killing filed a motion to have the suit certified as a class action. In November, Judge Kronstadt announced that he was pretty much inclined to certify it but that he wanted to see some supplemental briefs. So that happened, and this morning he filed filed a comprehensive order certifying the case as a class action with only a couple of minor1 exceptions. He also granted the plaintiffs leave to amend their complaint in response to his order. Turn the page for links to a few other items that have been filed in the last few days.

  • Notice of appearance of Rachel Steinback — as another attorney for the plaintiffs. This makes about eleventy-jillion of em, but the City of Los Angeles has what amounts to an infinite supply. If civil rights litigation against the City of Los Angeles were like ant warfare, the City’s strategy would be one of attrition. Thus, I guess, the good guys need all the lawyers they can get.
  • Joint request to amend scheduling order ‐ Both sides agree that they could use more time to carry out discovery, so they join together to ask the judge to give it to them. They’re not asking for a change in the trial date.
  • Order granting motion to amend scheduling order — The judge says “sure.” The trial seems still to be set for December 5, 2017 at 9 a.m., or at least that’s how I’m reading this item.
  1. Meaning that they seem to my amateurish and uninformed eye to be minor. Heed this caveat throughout, please!

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