Andrews International BID Patrol All 2013 Arrest Reports and Daily Activity Logs Now Available

Screenshot of a random daily activity log from 2013.
Screenshot of a random daily activity log from 2013. Click to enlarge.
I am pleased to present a stunning dump comprising all BID Patrol arrest reports and all daily activity logs.1 Kerry Morrison was conscientious enough to supply these in their original .doc format, allowing for effective and reliable batch searching. We’ll be writing on the results2 later tonight, but for now I just wanted to get links to these up here. Note that the files are as I received them, except that I had to change the file names a little bit to (a) get them to sort properly and (b) to be acceptable to the Archive, which has strict rules on filenames.

  1. There seem to be a few daily activity logs that didn’t get uploaded. It’s a struggle dealing with this many files and ftp, but I just learned (today) how to spool these for upload, so I’ll be updating the item soon. If you notice any missing before that happens drop me an email.
  2. And the methodology, for the linux geeks in our audience.

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