DCBID Shift Summaries, Carol Schatz Emails, CCEA Safety Team Materials

Carol Schatz about to grasp and crush someone or something and making the guy behind her on the right a little queasy.
Carol Schatz about to grasp and crush someone or something and making the guy behind her on the right a little queasy.
This evening I have the pleasure of announcing a big bunch of new documents, mostly from the DCBID, but a couple of choice bits from the CCEA as well.

• Over 500 shift summaries prepared by Universal Protection Service between January 1, 2015 and early October, 2015. You can browse them directly from here where you’ll also find a zip archive of the whole batch, or look for that same directory in the menu structure above at Documents/DCBID/Universal Protection Service/UPS Shift Summaries. No one here has had the time to look through these in detail yet.

• Fifty-three emails from/to Carol Schatz of the DCBID. These are available directly from here, and there’s also a zip archive of all of them. You can also get to them from the menu structure above if necessary. These are redacted mercilessly and almost certainly illegally (I’m working on that), but there’s a lot of interesting stuff here. These are purportedly all of Carol Schatz’s DCBID emails for the third quarter of 2015, but, you know, I don’t think everything’s here. I’m working on that too. You’ll be hearing much more about this material in the near future.

And turn the page for the latest from the Downtown Death Star BID itself!

• We have a partial collection of third quarter Watch Commander logs from the Downtown Industrial District BID’s security guards. There are only 48 of these even though there are 91 days in the third quarter. I hope to have more information on why this is at some point. These are also heavily and illegally redacted, this time by, of course, Raquel K. Beard. We also have a summary of 3rd quarter operational statistics for UPS security in the DIDBID, showing how many bad things they saw homeless people doing and how much stuff they hauled away to the dump. I hope you appreciate these items. Getting anything at all out of Raquel is really hard work, but it’s starting to pay off.

Image of Carol Schatz came from Jose Huizar’s Flickr stream. He claims it’s copyrighted but, you know, I don’t think that it is. I think it’s a public record. Perhaps he’ll have his lawyers tell me different and we can see who wins the SLAPP-fight.


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