Anti-Homeless Vigilantism Proponent — Associate Of Heavily Armed Thugs — And Fascist Street-Fighting Beerhall Hooligan Cosplay Enthusiasts — Joel Glucksman — Who Jokes In Public About Tasing Human Beings Before The Police Show Up — See This Terrorist’s Buddies Strutting Around On His Company’s Own Damn Video — Menacing Homeless Human Beings On A Public Street — With Guns — And Other Tools Of War — This Is A Guy Who Has More Damn Nerve Than Most Of The Internet Lawyers Who Threaten Defamation Lawsuits Cause Their Sad Little Feelings Got Hurt

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post stated that Joel Glucksman appears in the video. Glucksman claims that he does not appear in the video and I have no reason to disbelieve him. They are employees of Iron Delta Security, and he’s part owner of that firm, so I’ve rewritten this post to reflect that information and I apologize for my error.

Maybe you’ve been following the story of anti-homeless vigilante activity in the San Fernando Valley, coordinated through private Facebook groups and condoned and assisted by active and retired LAPD officers. It was heavily covered last week, and here’s a list of some of the most notable reports:

West San Fernando Valley Residents Take to Facebook To Stalk, Harass and Terrorize the Homeless with Help From Current And Former LAPD

LAPD Involved in Anti-Homeless Vigilante Facebook GroupsKTown For All

Two Anti-Homeless Facebook Groups Count L.A. Cops Among Their MembersLA Magazine

Exposés on “Crimebusters” Lead to Investigation of LAPD SLO’sValley News Group

And subsequent to this wave of exposure there was the predictable backlash from the homeless-hating vigilante housedwelling Facebook warriors who, like all of their ilk, cannot stand having the caustic contents of their seething ids exposed in public and then mocked. I’m sure you can imagine all the idiotic Internet lawyerisms about defamation and lawsuits and et-freaking-cetera. I won’t bore you with it here.

Oh, except for one example. For background, here’s super-genius Joel Glucksman on one of these Facebook groups joking about tasing a human being before the police show up, answered, enabled, and encouraged by LAPD Officer Daryl Scoggins with a stream of LOL emojis. So it seems that, in what passes for the dude’s mind, Joel “Tase And Detain” Glucksman was talking about a suspect not known to be homeless here. And he took exception to perceived claims that his intended victim was homeless.

And naturally, according to well-established principles of Basic Internet Lawyerism, it constitutes defamation to accuse some psychopath of wanting to tase and detain homeless people when all he did was propose to tase and detain people of unknown housing status. Behold the galaxy-brain’s legal analysis! Well, behold it by clicking on the image, anyway, because I have better things to do than to transcribe this blather. We have more important matters to discuss!

Like the fact that this Joel Glucksman fellow isn’t just idly threatening to “tase and detain” his victims. It turns out that he’s a security guard (license #6249794). And he seems to run some kind of weirdo security firm, deeply immersed in the fascist aesthetic, called Iron Delta Security which has some kind of weirdo Nazi-slash-Star-Wars logo.

And he has a freaking video ad showing his Nazi cosplay buddies dressed up like a gang of special forces psychopaths, armed to the freaking teeth harassing homeless human beings on a public street. And for some kind of technical WordPress reasons that I’m not going to be able to work around I can’t embed this video, but click here to watch the damn thing. There are a bunch of stills below.

So yeah, this is the guy who’s going to sue the universe for calling him a psychopathic homeless-hating vigilante after publishing videos showing his buddies acting like psychopathic homeless-hating vigilantes. This is the guy the LAPD encourages to tase and detain victims, the guy that senior lead officers hobnob with on secret Facebook groups plotting vigilante violence. This is the guy they ought to be arresting instead of condoning his violent fantasies, if they even are fantasies. This is the guy who, if I am not mistaken and about stuff like this I am usually not, we will be hearing quite a bit more in the future, so stay tuned!


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