Clips from the October 16, 2014 Meeting of the HPOA

Monica Yamada
Monica Yamada
The HPOA is the Hollywood Property Owners Alliance. It seems to be an umbrella organization which controls the Sunset-Vine BID and the Hollywood Entertainment District BID. Here is the full 56+ minute video of their October 16, 2014 meeting and here are a few clips of interest:

First, Monica Yamada reports to the Board on the October 9, 2014 meeting of the Joint Security Committee of the two BIDs. In particular she discusses security problems relating to the old Hollywood Spa building on Ivar between Hollywood and Selma:

Next, we have Monica again. This time she reports on the visit of some people from Blessed Sacrament Parish in Hollywood and their ideas on helping business people interact productively with the homeless:

Finally we have HPOA President John Tronson, Kerry Morrison, and some guy whose name I didn’t get discussing a new marketing campaign designed to attract San Franciscan (the city, not the religious order, although I suppose the monks are welcome too) tourists to Hollywood:


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