Our Mission

Our main mission has two parts:

  1. to collect and publish as many documents about Business Improvement Districts in Los Angeles as we can:
    • Local document storage — Older documents are stored locally, before it became clear that the volume we were obtaining precluded this.
    • Our collection on Archive.Org — All records obtained since 2016 are stored offsite on Archive.Org. This is better for any number of reasons. Search in collection by BID or just browse!
  2. to use the information and understanding we gain from those documents to try to change those aspects of BIDs and their enablers of which we disapprove. Filing complaints against transgressors is one of our main tools.

While we work on these two goals we also write about them on our blog, mostly for our own entertainment. We do enjoy pleasing our audience (yes, it happens occasionally!) or even, rarely but once in a while, actually finding that one-inna-zillion person who understands that documents indisputably say what they say no matter what kind of nonsense we ramble on about with respect to them, but none of this is really part of our mission.

Business Improvement Districts in Los Angeles — Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down!