I realize that this is pretty out of date. If there are words or phrases in the blog that you’d like to have defined here, either email me or drop a note in the comments section and I’ll put them in immediately.

  • Andrews International — The private security company with which the HPOA contracts to patrol the HED BID and the SV-BID.
  • BID — Business Improvement District
  • Business Improvement District — A quasi-public organization whose formation is allowed under state law to assess either property owners in an area or business owners in an area. The state of California and the city of Los Angeles consider BIDs to be private organizations, but as far as we can see, California courts have disagreed whenever they’ve been asked the question. In particular, BIDs in California are subject to both the Brown Act and the the Public Records Act. See CA Streets and Highways Code 36606-36616 for further info on what the legislature thinks BIDs are.
  • Central Hollywood Coalition — The organization which manages the Sunset-Vine BID. This seems to be largely folded into the HPOA, but it’s hard to tell. It seems that on paper Sarah Besley is was formerly the Executive Director of the CHC. Now the CHC contracts with HPOA (and therefore Kerry Morrison appears to runs everything).
  • CES — Coordinated Entry System. This is an attempt to register homeless people for various purposes. You can read what CityWatch thinks of it here
  • CHC — Central Hollywood Coalition
  • CSI — Clean Streets Initiative. A program created by an Executive Directive published by Garcetti. Here is what the City says it is. Here is Garcetti’s press release about it. Note that none of those documents mention homelessness. In practice this is the program under which LA Sanitation cleans out homeless encampments.
  • CPRAthe California Public Records Act. Cool kids pronounce this “SIP-rah” and we do too!
  • DCBID — Downtown Center BID.
  • Downtown Center BID — The downtown BID which runs the “purple shirt” security patrol. Presently run by Carol Schatz, Suzanne Holley, and a passel of other creeps.
  • HE — Homeless Encampment.
  • HED BIDHollywood Entertainment District BID.
  • HMD BIDHollywood Media District BID.
  • Hollywood Property Owners Alliance — The organization which manages the Hollywood Entertainment District BID. Its Executive Directrix is Kerry Morrison.
  • HPOA — Hollywood Property Owners Alliance
  • John Irigoyen — Guy from Universal Protection Service who’s in charge of HMD BID contracted operations.
  • Joint Security Committee — The HED BID and the SV-BID both contract with Andrews International for security. Hence the feared, the loathed, BID patrol covers the territory of both BIDSs. This committee, which meets approximately monthly, supervises A/I’s work for the two BIDs.
  • JSC — Joint Security Committee.
  • Kerry Morrison — Executive Directrix of the HPOA.
  • M&O — Maintenance and Outreach.
  • Maintenance and Outreach — (Also known as M&O)This is one stage in the City’s new (2016) procedure for dealing with homeless encampments. I’m not sure yet of exactly what it entails or where it fits into the process. Evidently it is required before Sanitation and the LAPD actually break up the encampment.
  • PATHPeople Assisting the Homeless is a nonprofit that contracts with some City agencies to provide outreach to people living in encampments prior to LA Sanitation cleaning them up. This seems to be part of the City’s probably-futile effort to make it look like they’re breaking up these encampments in accordance with the rule of law.
  • Steve Seyler — Guy from Andrews International that seems to be in charge of running contracted security for HPOA.
  • Steven Whiddon — Former executive director of the HMD BID.
  • SV-BIDSunset-Vine BID.
  • Universal Protection Service — The private security company with which the Hollywood Media District BID and the Downtown Center BID contract to do their dirty work.

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